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Sounds like you and your husband responded great. I have one question though... If she was a loyal customer she would know that your cookies cost $2.00 ea so there wouldnt be a need to send a 4 yr old with a $20 bill seeing is she had a $5.00....
I'm looking for a banana split cake mix recipe. Any one willing to share? I've looked at the recipe section but didnt find what I was looking for. I'm a box baker and would prefer to have a box cake mix base for the cake.Thanks
Both ways! I charge $0.52 per mile.
Buy two sets of pans in the sizes you use the most! This saves so much time an do the same with tips. I have 3-4 same size tips. My KA mixer (you dont have to run out and get one of these right away...took me 3 years to get one.). Americolor gel paste. Fondant cutters; circle, square, heart. I use the Wilton ones and they work great for me. Plastic containers! Trust me. When you make more butter cream than what you actually needed you DONT want to throw it away. Most of...
@crazyducky, I think your pricing is good. I am in Austin, and I found that most bakeries in my area charged between $2.00-$3.00 a serving for butter cream cakes, and $3.00-$4.00 for "simple" fondant cakes.
Sound delish! I think I'll try these this weekend. My nephew loves chocolate cake balls, and I'm sure he will love these.
I went to a birthday party last weekend. The mom had ordered these cake pops from a lady. They looked cute. I thought they were going to taste something like a cake ball. Not so. You could tell these were baked in one of those pans that your talking about. NONE of the kids finished theirs. They got maybe half way and then threw them out. They were dry.
Thanks so much!!!!!!!! I should have known just to send you a PM.
I'll be using this recipe for a cake. What would be a good filling? Root Beer Float - macsmom2 boxes white cake mix2 c flour2 c sugar1 1/2 tsp salt2 2/3 cup root beer2 c vanilla yogurt8 egg whites1/4 oil2 tsp vanilla extract 1/2 oz CK Rootbeer concentrated flavoring (or 3 drams LoRann rootbeer flavor, or 4 tsp of Schillings root beer extract. A little anise extract might be a good kick, too!)
I have a question and just wanted to double check. For this recipe does it require tablespoons or teaspoons for the flavoring? I'd think teaspoons but I want to make sure. Cheesecake Lovers - MacsMom2 boxes white cake mix2 c flour2 c sugar1 pkg cheesecake pudding mix1-1/2 t salt1 pkg light cream cheese6 eggs *Blend eggs into softened cream cheese before adding to batter.1-1/3 cup Italian Sweet Cream coffee creamer (Coffee Mate)1-1/3 cup water1/4 c oil2 t vanilla extract2 t...
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