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Thanks to all who responded!  The hot glue gun worked like a miracle.  I had used double sided tape, "fondant glue", regular glue.  None worked.  Pins worked but really don't like using pins. I make my own cake board gluing 3 cardboard circles together and then covering in paper of choice with clear sticky paper.  So maybe the rough edge is why nothing worked.  I don't know WHY I didn't think of the glue gun.  Worked great!  Thanks!
Any suggestions on getting smooth coating on cake pops?  Mine come out either globbed up or runs off the cake taking the stick with it.  I have used oiled down candy coating.
Any suggestions on how to keep ribbon sticking to cake board?  I have glue, double sided tape, gum glue and nothing seems to work.  Any suggestions?
Does anyone know if a pizza dough sheeter will work for fondant and rolling cookies?
Where is the best place to buy cake dummies?Thanks,
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