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Can I flavor royal icing afther I made it I forgot to put the flavor in it
there this recipe for cupcakes that i want to make and needs to have 1 tablespoon of rose water but i dont know how to make rose water to put in the recipe can someone tell me how to make rose water
am make a cake that is whipped cream and am going to airbrush it to is it ok to put it in the fridge over night
I was wondering does a 6 in and 9 in round tier cake feed 40 people
I want to use a 10 and a 12 in round pan but I dont know if that will feed 50 to 60 people I thought doing a 12 and 8 in round pan I dont know if that would  serve that many people. help me
I have this order from someone who wants a cake stand that looks like tree and was wondering does anyone know or order online or maybe make my own tree cake stand but I dont were to start
does anyone know if i can order online pre made gumpaste crowns i need a crown to go on top of a cake
am making a 2 tier cake and I was wondering if 8in and 10in well feed 50 people were also making cupcakes for all the kids. so the little kids well be eating cupcakes.
I need to make a cake to feed 100 people and they want 2 tier round cakes and I was wondering what size cake pans i should use.
Am planning to cover my cake with molding chocolate and am not sure if I should put the cake in the fridge or well it be ok on the kitchen table I covered the cake a day before and am not sure if I should leave out or put in the fridge
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