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Where can I buy glass blocks to make a cake stand? Any directions on how to add lights inside the stand.
I need a wedding cake to feed !50 people. What size pans do I use. Should each tier be 4 inch in size. example 16 14 10 etc. ?? Thanks
I have this recipe and DVD. I have not used it yet. Me question is can I add tylose and make calla lilies for wedding cake. The cake will have a lace border along with ribbon thanks for the advice. This is the chocolate fondant recipe.
What colors make emerald green? Thanks!
What would you charge for a three tier wedding cake. Buttercream. Cake to feed 180 Thanks!
A couple weeks ago a recipe was posted for a chocolate mint cupcake. I cannot locate it ........ Please help!
Thanks for your replies. I will try adding extra layer.
I usually bake in 2 inch pans and put two layers together to get 4inch high cake. But It still doesn't look tall enough. How high should a cake be for a wedding tier with ribbon? Should I use 3 inch pans put two layers together making 6 or littler over with the filling between the layers? Thanks for your advice.
how do you attach fresh flowers in buttercream cake. I used the Wilton cake spikes. They stuck out of the cake. What do you use? I have another cake with fresh flowers in two weeks. I hope to do better this time. Thanks
How would you attached ribbon on buttercream cake? My cake is 4 inch high - what should the wide of the ribbon be. I am doing 3 tier wedding cake for this weekend. Thanks for your responses!
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