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Thanks so much, Berta and Traci! My email addy is .
There are several Italian Cream Cake recipes in the Recipes section. Can anyone suggest which one works well? The one that starts with a cake mix looks great, but it's only been rated once. I'd appreciate any input on this. Thanks!
Thanks so much for the quick reply! I'm off to give it a try!
I've been told that it's easier to carve frozen cakes. I've baked a 3D cake, and frozen it, and am now carving it into the desired final shape. Once that's done, should I allow it to thaw before frosting with buttercream, or do it while it's still cold? I plan to cover it with fondant, after frosting, and I want to be sure that I don't do something that's going to adversely affect the way the final product looks! Thanks!
Thanks for the reply! Do the marshmallow roses hold up well?
How does the Wilton rolled fondant recipe taste? Any better than the boxed product? Thanks!
I'm getting ready to work on my first cake for Wilton course III, and am planning on starting on fondant roses this weekend. I've decided to not use the Wilton fondant, based on all of the comments that I've seen about it. How well does the rolled buttercream work for roses? How about MMF? Is the recipe on the Wilton site for rolled fondant any less bitter than their packaged fondant? Any idea what ingredient(s) in the product causes the yuck factor? Sorry for so many...
Could I have the info, too? I'm working on a fondant cake this weekend! My email addy is . Thanks so much!
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