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imo this is the best RI recipe
Absolutely no problem freezing the cookies, naked or decorated.  Now, Toba's glaze seems to go blotchy when frozen, but no problem with Antonio74 RI.  I let them dry completely (I think that's the trick) and lay them single layer in airtight Rubbermaid container with parchment paper in between layers.  I tend to use RBC more than total RI, but all my cookies have RI details. Food color marker decoratiing is the only thing I won't freeze  I've only ever once noticed freezer...
Don't know.   here is the recipe I use for RBC.  It can store in freezer and last a very long time.  Here is recipe here on CC  You can color it with food color just like RI or fondant
Have you thought of using RBC?  It' super easy to make and it tastes fabulous on cookies
I freeze and refreeze naked and RI'd and RBC'd cookies all the time.  They stay wonderfully fresh.   I keep a ziploc bag of 'rejects' in my freezer for my brother, so even after months of being in freezer, they come out tasting very fresh
I have kept some wrapped for about a week before, thought they were a bit stale.  I would keep in airtight container in freezer.  I took to a friend's big freezer before I got my own.
Angel, I use RBC (Rolled Buttercream) on cookies all the time, but I use light corn syrup to adhere to the cookie.  I detail with RI, put in freezer, no problem
Custom Cookies it sounds like we do the same. Upside down in short glass with damp paper towel. I use the end of a spoon to stir if they separate. I have invested in several bottles and tips. Guess I won't fix what ain't broke . I'm a huge RBC user so I don't do a lot of flooding. But I try to use the large bottles for that. And yes if I use very thick RI I will try to use a bag. I will pass on one new trick I discovered. A nylon (piece of knee-high hose) between coupler...
Ok, so I tried bags today.  decided to stick to bottles.  I'm sure it's all in what you're used to.  Found it a pain to fill the bags, and keep them closed.  I know there are closer thingies, but glad I didn't invest in them.  Too much cutting tips off bags, needing a third hand or cup for filling bags, keeping up with them upside down in cup while decorating with several colors,etc.   I think it's harder on hands to squeeze the bottles, though.  But I can also keep icing...
I use bottles (the small ones that fit coupler and tips) exclusively, but have been watching some tutorials and notice these amazing cookiers use piping bags.  I use the bottle like an oversized pen, and wasn't sure if I could do the same with the bags.  Any thoughts?
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