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Hi everyone. I have used sugarveil and it is a very good product. I use it for things that I can't make out of fondant or gumpaste, things like clothes, fabrics, lace. If you used fondant, it would harden to much and then break when you tried to put it on the cake. When using Sugarveil, it remains pliable enough so that you can pick it up and lay it on the cake. You can even re-position it. For instance, I made a baseball shirt and when I laid it on the cake, I was...
You can do a sheet cake with a picture of Selena on it. I usually use an edible image if the cake is about a tv star. you can order edible images online. you just peel it off and lay it on the cake and then pipe around it. It works really great. If you have trouble finding an edible image of Selena, let me know. I can do one for you.
I am using a yellow cake recipe that uses butter, sugar, eggs, flour, baking soda and baking powder and vanilla. When I bake it the inside is moist but the color is dark. It tastes great but is so dark, it looks strange. Can anyone tell me what might be causing this?
How long will my fondant flowers last? Can I make them way in advance and then use them on a cake when I need them?
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