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hi everyone, I was just wondering what you guys charge per cake slice for you r wedding cakes? thanks for any input!
I always struggle with how much to charge someone for cakes.what would you guys charge for a luau, beach, themed cake for 100 people?I'm thinking about putting a 3-d tiki hut on it!Any suggestions?
THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP!!!Glad I asked before I disco dusted everything! LOL!Have a great day everyone!
Just bought some disco dust, cant wait to try it but I was wonderin, Is it edible?Can I put it on fondant pieces that I will be applying right on the cake?Anybody that has used it, I'd appreciate you thoughts!!!
oh awesome thank u!!!!
does anyone have any pointers on covering a topsy turvy cake w fondant? i will admit I am a perfectionist and the 1st one i covered didn't turn out to well. Does anyone have any helpful tips ??
when decorating cakes what temperature do you keep your houses?it's awful hot so i was wondering what the right temp would be so my cake stand up okay!
i am doing a 4 tiered wedding cake for Sat.the layers are baked and base iced and in the frig.I was wondering when you guys fondant and decorate them.I am doing the cake by myself and am worried about having enough time.Do you thinnk its okay to start fondanting the layers tonight or should I wait and do it all tomorrw?
I am doing a wedding cake in Aug. I usually use cardboard cake boards but Ive heard a lot of foam cake boards. I was wondering what everyone uses? What seems to give the best support? And.... if you use the foam boards where do you buy them?I usually freeze my cakes after I base ice them.(My husband said it makes them taste better, more moist!) So I'm a little nervous about the stability of the cardboard after I thaw them. I've also heard of the sps system.What do you guys...
Hi, I've posted this before but haven't really gotten an answer.I am having trouble with colored (using wilton colors) Icing.I use 1/2 butter1/2 high ratio butter cream.When ever I use color in it and try to smooth (using the hot spatula technique) or "patch" the butter cream I get patch markes or different coloring effects.Cool for when you doing a water efferct but not when your making a preety and smooth cakeDoes any one know how to prevent this.
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