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bill 7209 has the EXACT same language and it did pass. you can read the whole bill here: the cottage foods law language starts on page 29.No licensing requirements, sell anywhere except online maximum sales $15,000. literally the EXACT SAME LANGUAGE as 5007.Thank you so much Barbara for all your hard work!!
I just watched to video from CHA - Provocraft seriously needs to invest in someone that knows something (ANYTHING!) about cake decorating!!Looks (and sounds) to me that you will be able to buy all the other attachments - blades/mats/cover etc seperately. I already have an expression so I'm just going to get the accessories when they come out. is where you can find your local rep, you can click on his/her name and get all their contact information. I will call and see when my local rep is supposed to be in the office and then maybe we can set a "take your rep a cake day"! (or cookies or whatever you want to bake!)
EXACTLY!!! ohhhhhh!!! maybe we can pick a day and everyone bake a small cake for their local rep and drop it off with a letter explaining our situation - if we all do it on the same day that would make some news and get some attention!!!
we can't do anything except send letters to your local reps until we find a rep to support the bill.If someone can find a local rep willing to sponsor the bill then we can really get started on something.The support on this thread is awesome!!!!
As soon as I saw your name (screen name) I thought of Dani's Delights.
there is another thread going on just like this one....
Thanks Brenda! It took a while and cost a FORTUNE! but it was so well worth it!! I would NEVER have been able to do it without the professionals help!Thanks for the cake compliment too!
OK - for the life of me I cannot get those pics to attach here. So I added them on Facebook cake page added the pics of the craft closet upstairs too -
So, I'm kind of an expert on this - and I say expert because I spent and obsene amount of money paying a real expert to organize my cake closet! ha!! I hired a personal organized to take on my crazy house - she started in the attic and then we moved onto the craft room upstairs and then my cake closet and kitchen pantry downstairs.I will try to post some pics, but basically - we cleaned out and purged stuff that I don't need/use and then we seperated by category or use...
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