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How do you package Tiramisu if you are selling it. How much do you sell it for. Is a 10" round by 3" high for $30.00 too little? I made it once to sell at the bakery once and now Im getting requests. But Im not sure how to package it since it so soft. TFTH.
1/8" is a good thickness. This way the loops will be easier to form and your bow will be more sturdier.
i smear a little buttercream icing and that does the trick for me.
you are correct. its just pieces of kitchen paper rolled up. and dont worry no question is dumb.
i just noticed that some my quotes in the pictures are cut off. so sorry if you have any questions please pm me.
This is a quick tutorial to help those that would like to learn how to make a beautiful bow. Hopefully you will be able to understand the pics. Start at the bottom. I make my bow with fondant and tylose mixed in. You can also use a 50/50 mix of fondant and gumpaste.
no saben donde puedo conseguir la carriola de cinderella para poner pasteles. como un cake stand. es muy popular aqui pero nosotros no tenemos uno. gracias por su ayuda.
looks good!
thxs for all of your guys' input. i think im gonna do it freehand hopefully it comes out good! ill be sure to post a pic.
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