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We use DecoPac and BakeryCrafts kits almost 99.99% of the time. Once in a while we will get a custom order cake but all in all our customers want to pick a cake from a book and know that what they will be picking up will look like exactly what they picked out. I know that there are a lot of people that are anti sheet cakes and and they want to create a piece of art when they are making a cake. But for us this works. We have a small bakery and we get between 50 to 60...
Hi, This weekend will be the first time that I will be using SPS and Im a little nervous. Are there any tips or advice that can be given for a first timer? Also, do you have to put a dowel down the middle? That makes me REALLY nervous. ThanksGladys
i would TOTALLY let it settle. i had a cake slide completely because i didnt let it settle. but you do have to have it in the fridge thats the bad part, because of the fruit. but it wont get sorry... i think itll taste better. cake seems to taste better after a couple of days. well at least i think so. lol. hth
this is my way and it always works out great. I find it a bit simpler
I have an epson printer and i have my settings to plain paper and matte finish and it comes out better than any of the other settings. I think the matte wastes less ink and has a better quality. So play around with your settings to see what will work best. HTH
ive ordered quite a bit from oriental trading and their shipping is pretty decent. when you are checking out it tells you an estimate date of arrival so tha you can decide if you want faster shipping and from my experience the ground shipping is the cheapest and MOST of the time you get it one or two days before estimated date but never after estimated date. they are a great company and they offer good coupons if you sign up for their email list also they send you coupon...
Hi,I like to make a sort of "paste" out of the cake and water. The parts that are cut off the top is what I use. Anyways you crumble up the cake and put water enough to make a paste, sort of like a thick icing. Then you put this on the side of the cake to make it nice and even and smooth. You can put in the fridge for a bit and then its ready to ice. I use this all the time and it completely eliminates the cake bulge. PM if you need more instruction.
yup this cake sells a lot but mostly in sheet cakes and not so much for weddings and stuff like. i absolutely hate it but what can you do....sigh....
Mine is not that involved at all so thats what I like about it. I always let them know that this is not the original tirmamisu that this is sort of simpler version but it is still very yummy. We will see what happens.
I make the kind that has cream cheese pudding and whip cream.This is my list:Prices are approximateLady Fingers 4.00Cream Cheese 2.00Pudding 2.00Milk 2.00Whipped topping 2.00Coffee 2.00Ive seen online that some companies use wraps sort of like the ones that are used when bread is baked in them. Since this is for retail sale rather than homebaked I would like to have a fair price and not give it away for "free"
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