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Houston and 3.00 dollars
fondant slice? I think that my slice is way to little even though I get very little orders. Thanks.
I had the same question so I asked a fellow baker here in my city that is also a good friend of mine. She said NO! not worth all of the work and the money she had to pay. She said that there wer lots of inquiries while she was there ( she does beautiful cakes!!!) but in the end they wouldnt order anything or come back to her bakery. We live in the houston area. So its not like its a small town. anyways hth. if any.
I have an epson NX400 that I love! Ive had for about a year and have no complaints. It cost me a 50 or 60 dollars at best buy. The newer version costs 69.99 at best buy right now. The ink I bought from KopyKake. The cartridge was like 50 and then I also bought the refill bottles that are so worth it!!! another 50 dollars. The paper I buy from Decopac and it costs me 28 dollars for 25 pieces that are 8.5 by 11. Features that I like about it:Its a standalone printer so I... ke a alguien les guste.
I saw on ( i think thats how you spell it, it was on yahoo homepage) you pay 5 dollars to somebody and they creat a custom logo for you. they looked pretty cute so i think that could be a possibility. hth
i had posted a topic a few weeks ago about duff having fondant for decopac. if you are a customer im sure you have received flyers. i just checked online and it says that a 2 lb bucket is 10.00. the only color you can purchase is red blue and yellow. primary colors and no white is offered. but im sure they will add more colors later. the gel colors in a tube cost 3.25 each or you can get a starter kit with 10 tubes for 32.50 which is the same if you get em all...
Alguien aqui tiene una panaderia? Quisiera saber que tipo de esquemo tienen uds. y que trabaja y que no. Estamos pensando en abrir otra panaderia y quisiera tener ideas. gracias.
I just posted this yesterday ....
For those that are DecoPac customers Im sure you have seen that Duff has his own line on DecoPac. Its fairly new so the only stuff you can purchase right now are three preset kits with some gumpaste stuff and then you sort run wild with your imagination. He also has some gel colors and thats it for now. Anyways we got this flyer in the mail and I thought that it was so cool!!! I am thinking about entering just to see what happens. Hey you never know. Im not the best...
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