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Same price. A kit is just a toy on top. It has nothing to do with you decorating cake.
Ok so i can only speak from a personal view as all of us are different and r in different parts of the country. My family opened the bakery we have on a whim and as a sort of hobby. All of the employees were family and there was a total of about 6 to 8 of us. My uncle was the only baker. We opened from 7 am to 930 pm ( its a hispanic bakery where its the norm to be open that long). I think we spent about 8000 in equip all secondhand and have added along the years. We have...
Thanks! I made the ribbon. I got regular black then I attached a rhinestone trim I got from hobby lobby. kind of expensive so I prob wont be using again. I saw online that michaels has a similar design that is cheaper.
Thanks for the replies here is the cake that I did. Even though the pink didnt come out like the one in the picture. Oh well the customer still loved it.
thxs for all of the quick replies. i wanted to use buttercream instread of fondant. but yeah i imagined that i would have to use a lot of whatever color it was. thxs again.p.s. the giltter on the silver part should be rainbow disco dust correct? or do u think its silver disco?
What color or colors do you think that I should use to achieve the vibrant hot pink. The one that has the polka dots. Thanks in Advance!
Kaymcyup you sure do! just knead it together and itll mix together wonderfully. just work quick because it will start to get stiff after a while.[/quote]
Of course you can add tylose to already made fondant. I do it all the time. If you dont want to its ok itll just take longer for your loops to dry. but i strongly recommend to add tylose to the fondant paste mixture of fondant and water that you will need to use to "glue" the loops together. This will make ur bow SO much sturdier and you wont be afraid of handling it. I made this red bow for a cousin of mine for her cake and she still has it from almost a year ago!!
We buy cases of mexican vanilla called La Vencedora and in the 7 years we have been in business we havent had any problem! We actually get compliments on our sweet bread and alot has to do with the kind of vanilla you use. Anyways as somebody else suggested try it for something in the home and then if its to your liking then you can use it for cakes for somebody else. hth
Thxs for all of the responses. They are greatly appreciated!!! I guess Im pretty normal as far as pricing. I guess I just get discouraged when people say "I just didnt want to spend that much on cake" It gets so itirritating!!!! I mean if you want something beautiful OBVIOUSLY its gonna take time so why would I not charge you for my time. A cake is not just flour and eggs. Its love and patience too. Thanks for all of your guys help!!!
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