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I agree!
Thank you for the responses. =)
Nobody sells cake pops?
Never made to sell before. How much do you guys charge? Just regular ones with white chocolate merckens nothing fancy. No liquers or anything like that. Thxs.
UPDATE!!!!I just got an email back from the company saying that for that for now kohls is the only place you can get it but only at the store not online. BUT! That they will have more for sale on their website in May!!!!! Hope so!!
I just got one from kohls today. Last one too!!! I also emailed the company to ask when they will have more in stock. Hope they respond soon! I've nevervreally made any kind of cake pops. Well I did try once and failed miserably. Hopefully these go better. They look better than squished up cake crumbs. Anyways. Since I've never made or sold these how much do they usually run? And do you sell them singular or by the dozen? Thxs all.
We use fruit cocktail quite often as a filling. We use best brands whipped topping and like stated previously it doesn't have to be refrigerated. I don't think it should be a problem using it as a filling in the cake. Hope this helps a little bit at least.
Hi! Im doing a Hennessy bottle laying down. And I was curious to find out what you guys do for the label. Im thinking the best and neatest way is an edible image. Or should. I try to hand draw? I don't think I charged enough to spend 3+ hours drawing the word Hennessy.Interested in your input! Thxs
Hi I was wondering who on here uses syrups in their cakes and is better than not using? I just wanted to take you guys' perspective on to syrup or not. Thanks in advance!!!!
Ive had to refund money for cakes for different situations but not because the cake was not made "homemade" At our bakery we use 50 lbs bags of mixes that are different from ones you can buy at your local grocery store. We use these because our clientele that we are reaching is not particular about how its made, they are more interested in how it tastes and how moist it is. So if she liked the cake and she ate all of the cake why do you have to refund her money? If she...
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