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I made some pins colada cupcakes using this recipe. looked like a great recipe but mine came out gummy and floury tasting. Why??? They were gonna be a gift but I can't give something that I don't like. Any suggestions on a new recipe or what I did wrong. I didn't substitute anything or change any of the measurements. Thanks. [/quote]
Does anyone know at least what im talking about? It could have been for mothers day instead. Thanks again.
Does anyone have a picture of the cake buddy made for his moms birthday? Its a double heart with flowers cascading through the middle. Can't find on line. Thanks for any help. [/code]
Thank you for all of the replies! All of you guys have awesome ideas that I will be researching. I have a few months before we move but I would like to know for sure what I am going to do because of the cost. Thanks again!
Greetings to all of my fellow bakers!!!!I would like to get some of my colleagues opnions in regards on methods of taking cake orders. Ok so let me start from the beginning and hopefully will not make you doze off. Ok so my family has had a bakery for 8 years now. We do not only make cake but we make a very wide variety of sweet bread and rolls also. Our bakery is at the moment about 1500 square feet and to tell you the truth we have been making miracle happen in such a...
76 favs. Not my personal favorite but it is very popular!
Im not sure if anybody else does this but we bake our cakes on sheet pans and then cut them from that. We use two layers and our cakes are about 4" tall frosted. If there is a filling it can be a bit taller. We also use a non dairy whipped topping. We get it from our distributor bake mark. But maybe you can get locally through cake supply stores. You don't mix it with anything. Its in a thick liquid form and you brat it until its the consistency you like to frost cakes with.
I like the first one. Also as for the font I didn't really think the for was a fer. Until I read other peoples post did I have to do a recheck. I kind of just read and understood it fully and went on. I like the whole feel of it and didn't try to nit pick it with a magnifying glass if that makes sense.
Thxs guys ! Dora...Do you do tees leches cakes? Is it the same price? Do you use mixes or scratch recipes? Thxs again!!
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