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How on the world did I forget to add the eggs! Omg!!!!! What now?
Final cake done and delivered... thank goodness done with that.
Which do you find easier to work with when piping designs and scrollwork on cakes? I have a fondant cake coming up with lots of scriollwork and cant decide which would be better. TFL
Thanks for the reassurance! I feel wee bit better.
Ok so I recently took on an order of a fondant cake for 200 hundred pple with musical notes pipework all over. I Charged her 650. Yes I know all of you guys prob think its a low number but I feel for my quality of work it is fair. The person that ordered this cake came to me because she saw my website so obviously she saw my cakes. But Im also almost 100 % sure she only chose me because I was the cheapest she could find. I know she had been shoppin around. All of the...
I've never had a problem with anything burning but ill try the independent thermometer idea.
Te dicen question "No Esta mojado suficiente el pastel"? Cuando yo se que estaba mas que suficiente mojado el pastel. Estoy hablando de tres leches por supuesto muchachas. Ya sabemos que Esta senora es muy especial y quieter sus pasteles muy muy muy muy mojados. No miento asi dice cuando ordena sus pasteles. Bueno con tal de dicirles chicas que el pastel seguro pesaba unas 20 libras de toda la leche que tenia. No relleno 1/2 hoja. No cobramos extra cuando license extra...
Ever go through your mind? Yeah im having one of those days. I decided that I would be nice and make some cupcakes for the girls at my hair salon. (Where I do my hair not own). So then at first I m super excited and think its gonna be awesome. Well not so much. First my pina colada cupcakes come out horrible. What a total bust! Not to worry I also made some red velvet ones too. Not so fast my bad luck tells me. I don't know why but I decide to flip over the cupcake and...
Thxs for recipe. The yogurt should be regular kind right? Not smoothie kind?
Should I use a box mix? Maybe that would be more foolproof?
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