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I can't argue with anyone who would call slicing a cake an art. And this is not about long sufferingly doing things the hard way.   I can't believe no one agrees with my point. Ok, so be it - and right after the cake leveler, you should rush out and get a cake safe, right? Who cares if you have only have a teeny 5 qt mixer,  flimsy turntable and small oven ...
My guess is she's afraid they'll think she's hinting they should have said thank you if she asks . Just guessing though.
Sorry for all the typos! I mean this is what the OP said:Where did she get the idea she needs the thing to have professional looking cakes? Simple not true. But widely believed.
It probably takes me about 20 seconds, which is a little more time. And my slicing, while completely adequate, is not as perfect as the Agbay.   I'm not knocking the product - I'm just saying that if,  for example, you only have $800 and the choice is one of these and a 5 qt mixer, you'd be better off buying a long knife for $30 and putting the rest in an 8 qt mixer.   It doesn't make sense that this is the first thing so many people buy. And that I think the reason...
Apple hate? No, I'm saying Apple products are more expensive and many people making cakes are doing it because they are already hurting for money. Plus, the cake business has suffered from the cottage food laws and people actually supporting themselves making cakes may be just making it. My customers tend to have iPhones, but I use one of the better androids. And from what I've been reading, iPads aren't competing well with other similar products and have lost traction in...
But in a helpful tone of voice, of course haha
When someone starts like that, I always find it challenging to restrain myself from explaining what is reasonable and what's not or just hanging up on them. Adding the "that wouldn't be you" part might just be enough to send me over the edge and say something like you're right, I have to charge enough to put food on the table. You're looking for someone without those sorts of concerns. I've never said that, but it's been on the tip of my tongue many a time.
Exactly ^^^   And if you can't draw certain techniques,  there's no reason not to show her a picture of cake where it was done, even if it's not yours. If you think it won't look quite as good, then say so.  In their heads, customers often think there's only one way to do something, so they will give an ok thinking they understand.  But you know there's probably a hundred ways, so you must communicate effectively with her. And visuals are the only way.
They aren't making any money and they are making it so no one else can, either.
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