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How about breakdancers around your cake or a cake in the shape of a boom box-very 80's. HTH
Thank you so much
Unfortunately most people really love free cake. You can look at it as an opportunity to be a blessing to a good friend and also practice different techniques. Hopefully when they have another event they will get your contact information from your friend and place an order.
That is so sweet! He did a wonderful job, Happy Birthday!
Beautiful job!
You did a beautiful job, congratulations!
I use the Costco brand because it is very reasonable. The actual labels for the individual sticks are the same as the store brand ones you buy in the local grocery store-they all seem to come from the same place. I have done a taste test of the butter and yes the store brand versus Land of Lakes taste is different but after the final product is baked I really can't tell the difference. HTH
Looks great and I wouldn't mind a slice or two!
How about lime green with teal or some other blue hue- that should be a nice combo if the person doesn't like pink. Happy decorating!
I usually use the Wilton recipe which calls for 1/3 cup corn syrup to a wilton package of melts and leave it wrapped in wax paper for overnight then store in a container at room temp-starts of firm but will soften nicely. If it is too soft, u can add powdered sugar. Hope that helps!
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