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 I love Linda Harden's class...I learned a ton!Here's a preview:
Or you could just simply braid fondant...that's what I did for this purse cake:
 Wow...I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that...ever.I also don't like their vanilla extract and I was sure I was crazy since everyone and their mother loves the stuff.Mine smelled like rubbing alcohol and didn't have a strong vanilla flavor in anything I made with it...I bought a quart, which is still in my cabinet.I contacted Nielsen-Massey because I wanted to know if it could possibly be old/expired (there's no date on the bottle).They were able to check the Lot...
I'm pretty sure that's not from a Craftsy class, I bet it was featured on their blog...   They've done many posts (some written by well known cakers...Lesley Wright - Royal Bakery, for one) that are just a round-up of cakes made by different people but fit the particular theme for that post...     Edited: it is:
How big is it going to be...will it be right on a cake or a plaque?
That looks like a Faye Cahill cake... Here's a blog post by someone who took her class...she describes the lustering process:   Sharon Wee also lusters some of her's her reply to someone asking about it:
Here's an old thread about chalks...   Excellent info and even a photo of the brand to buy:
Here's an exceptional tutorial at a VERY reasonable price:   (Click Royal Bakery Tutorials)   I have it and LOVE it.   Here's another's for a dress shirt, but you may find the way they pieced the cake together helpful...I'm not sure:   (you have to click several pics before to see, there's...
Very, very nice...   I agree about the borders... A buttercream cake can look great with a fondant border (colored fondant balls, for instance), but I don't think it works well the other way around...a fondant cake with a buttercream border.   Also, is that disco dust on the bottom tier?
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