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Thanks guys... I really want to try that recipe.   (I wish I had a Trader Joe's near me, I've read about those awesome pound bars before)
What brand of semi-sweet chocolate do you both use for that recipe, and do you use real buttermilk or the milk/vinegar substitute?
Boo-Yah! That looks great! Do did you do it?
My favorite cocoa is Bensdorp...   You can read my post in the link AnnieCahill provided, the second one...   Since that time I've also tested the Hershey's cake using Valrhona & Ramstadt-Breda Rich Dark, and Bensdorp still came out on top, for me...   Last weekend I made the cake (using Bensdorp) and I added a tsp. of coconut flavoring: I swear it tasted like a Mounds candy bar... So, so...
 I love Linda Harden's class...I learned a ton!Here's a preview:
Or you could just simply braid fondant...that's what I did for this purse cake:
 Wow...I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that...ever.I also don't like their vanilla extract and I was sure I was crazy since everyone and their mother loves the stuff.Mine smelled like rubbing alcohol and didn't have a strong vanilla flavor in anything I made with it...I bought a quart, which is still in my cabinet.I contacted Nielsen-Massey because I wanted to know if it could possibly be old/expired (there's no date on the bottle).They were able to check the Lot...
I'm pretty sure that's not from a Craftsy class, I bet it was featured on their blog...   They've done many posts (some written by well known cakers...Lesley Wright - Royal Bakery, for one) that are just a round-up of cakes made by different people but fit the particular theme for that post...     Edited: it is:
How big is it going to be...will it be right on a cake or a plaque?
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