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LOL...   I know it's so much information being thrown at you...I wouldn't have even brought up the extract since it has nothing to do with your cake, but you mentioned that you were told to use vodka, and I hadn't heard of it being used for gluing, only painting.
Just to clarify...I use orange extract to make paint...I mix it (instead of vodka) with silver luster dust for example till it's a nice painting consistency. I've never used it to adhere decorations.
Anytime!   You wouldn't use vodka to glue...only to make edible paints...I don't drink either, so I always use orange works great. For gluing, I use water (sparingly) or nothing at all honestly, depending on where it's going on the cake...for figures, I use edible glue (water + tylose powder)'s stronger and adheres limbs and stuff better.   The fondant on your board isn't finished correctly, that's why my first thought was thin-crust pizza dough but...
I agree with Apti... I LOVE the Rose cake and it definitely qualifies as impressive and beginner.'ve done a really great job....the colors are awesome and I LOVE the touches of marbeling!   What I see is that the band on the bottom tier is too should never up to halfway (or even a little more in some places)...and because it's not a tall tier to begin with, I think it really emphasizes the squatty-ness.   What is the cake sitting on? It looks like rolled out fondant??   None of my cakes are on fancy boards...I'm a hobbyist...I just use the...
I make that same cake, but I ALWAYS use parchment paper inside my pans...on the bottom and around the sides...   Try it...your cakes will never stick again.
Here's a very informative thread with lots of posts from people who have tried it:
Here's someone on FB who uses them and she lists 2 sources: (at the end of her post) (in the Comments)
You're very welcome!
I do... it looks like piping on and around diamond-shaped pieces of fondant, and on the border band, then painted silver.   (Extruded fondant could also give you that same look though)
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