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  Here's a recently posted video tutorial that might help:
Here's a great video tutorial showing the paneling method:
 It's a cake recipe that begins with a regular box mix and you "extend" it by adding ingredients not called for on the back of the box... The one I was referring to requires sour cream, melted butter, flour, heavy cream, to name a few...
The only thing I can think of is to contact her via Flickr:   You have to be logged in to do it and she hasn't posted anything in almost a year, so I don't know...but it's worth a try... I don't think she's on FB either.     Here's a blog post where someone made that specific cake and posted the recipe, but she says it's slightly adapted:
I agree w/ doesn't convey edibles to me...   I honestly thought of Bon Jovi's "Shot Through the Heart" when I read it.
I've been experimenting with an extender recipe from this site, and since I don't have any favorite cake mix brand (I kind of dislike them all equally), I tried it using white mixes from Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines, & Pillsbury...     Pillsbury kicked their a$$es...
I would paint, as mcaulir posted... OR I would try a stitching wheel, then paint the little grooves white w/ the tiniest brush... OR Pipe stitches...with royal icing.... OR Extrude or roll an extremely thin snake, cut it up, and glue it in a stitch formation...     I personally would experiment on scrap fondant and do whichever gave me the cleanest, best look, even if it wasn't the easiest way...
 You're those!
Also wanted to add...don't throw away any scraps you may take off during the process...they're super easy to attach back on if you need extra bulk somewhere, like in the front of your owl, for instance...   It sticks to itself so no glue of any kind needed.
ladyblahblah...can I ask what brand you use?
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