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Ah...ok...I was sure you meant the awesome giraffe cake...I was going to direct you to a tutorial...
Which cake specifically?
You're welcome
This should help you:   Make sure you click her link at the beginning to see the completed's incredible!
I love the purple in this rainbow cake:   Check the comments, she posted what colors she's used...
  Here's a recently posted video tutorial that might help:
Here's a great video tutorial showing the paneling method:
 It's a cake recipe that begins with a regular box mix and you "extend" it by adding ingredients not called for on the back of the box... The one I was referring to requires sour cream, melted butter, flour, heavy cream, to name a few...
The only thing I can think of is to contact her via Flickr:   You have to be logged in to do it and she hasn't posted anything in almost a year, so I don't know...but it's worth a try... I don't think she's on FB either.     Here's a blog post where someone made that specific cake and posted the recipe, but she says it's slightly adapted:
I agree w/ doesn't convey edibles to me...   I honestly thought of Bon Jovi's "Shot Through the Heart" when I read it.
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