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No problem!
I'm a member of that site also...I LOVE Margie Carter! Kinda obsessed with her work right now actually...   Jessica's classes are also amazing... I never leave comments at the on-line schools or classes I've taken..(Pretty Witty Cakes, Paul Bradford, My Cake School, Craftsy, CakeStyleTV...), but I left one on her purse cake tutorial last month... I think I said something like, she's so completely natural on camera that it's like hanging with someone you...
That's an Andrea Sullivan style design... The pink section looks like buttercream, the texture looks natural, meaning nothing was done to it besides smoothing....the white drippy part looks like fondant.   Here's a video she posted showing how to make her signature candle:
Ah...ok...I was sure you meant the awesome giraffe cake...I was going to direct you to a tutorial...
Which cake specifically?
You're welcome
This should help you:   Make sure you click her link at the beginning to see the completed's incredible!
I love the purple in this rainbow cake:   Check the comments, she posted what colors she's used...
  Here's a recently posted video tutorial that might help:
Here's a great video tutorial showing the paneling method:
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