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LOL...I work like a turtle so it's great that I don't have customers...I'd be screwed!   Agree about gumpaste!
I experimented with it...warming, not warming, tylose , no tylose, coloring etc. The entire quantity was for me to play with and see if I liked it and could work with it...I couldn't. Everything I did eventually led to dry elephant skin... You don't ever get that? If so, do you have a remedy?   I had always read about that issue but wasn't sure if I actually knew what people were talking one ever posted a picture...did it actually look like an elephant's...
I used MMF+tylose exclusively until recently when I switched to straight Wilton for figures & accessory pieces (Thanks to Lesley Wright from The Royal Bakery)...NO tylose needed! I only got to enjoy it for a few projects though, and now I can't find it anywhere, just the new stuff, which I've already read is too soft... (I bought a box to experiment with) The old version was absolutely perfect for modeling. Anyway... Whether I used Wilton or MMF+tylose, I always had...
You're welcome!
Look at this crazy perfect square:   Click the link under THIS photo to get her free! PDF tutorials...they're amazing!!
Wow...I really love it!!
You're welcome...   The decorator posted that it's a smash cake so I imagine the layers were pretty small...but that design could be sized up easily, if needed...   You could always try PMing her for more info, though I notice she hasn't been active here in almost a year.
No problem!
I'm a member of that site also...I LOVE Margie Carter! Kinda obsessed with her work right now actually...   Jessica's classes are also amazing... I never leave comments at the on-line schools or classes I've taken..(Pretty Witty Cakes, Paul Bradford, My Cake School, Craftsy, CakeStyleTV...), but I left one on her purse cake tutorial last month... I think I said something like, she's so completely natural on camera that it's like hanging with someone you...
That's an Andrea Sullivan style design... The pink section looks like buttercream, the texture looks natural, meaning nothing was done to it besides smoothing....the white drippy part looks like fondant.   Here's a video she posted showing how to make her signature candle:
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