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You're welcome! (The picture link doesn't work)
Maybe you can modify this awesome technique to work for you:
I tried modeling chocolate was a greasy mess, but that was very early on for me and I figured I had messed it up since I was so inexperienced....I never ruled it out though because I love the idea of using it for cupcake toppers specifically... I think those should always be made with something tasty so people/kids could actually eat them if they wanted to...   Nowadays there's SO much more info about making it and working with it, I now know I totally...
Here's another:
LOL...I work like a turtle so it's great that I don't have customers...I'd be screwed!   Agree about gumpaste!
I experimented with it...warming, not warming, tylose , no tylose, coloring etc. The entire quantity was for me to play with and see if I liked it and could work with it...I couldn't. Everything I did eventually led to dry elephant skin... You don't ever get that? If so, do you have a remedy?   I had always read about that issue but wasn't sure if I actually knew what people were talking one ever posted a picture...did it actually look like an elephant's...
I used MMF+tylose exclusively until recently when I switched to straight Wilton for figures & accessory pieces (Thanks to Lesley Wright from The Royal Bakery)...NO tylose needed! I only got to enjoy it for a few projects though, and now I can't find it anywhere, just the new stuff, which I've already read is too soft... (I bought a box to experiment with) The old version was absolutely perfect for modeling. Anyway... Whether I used Wilton or MMF+tylose, I always had...
You're welcome!
Look at this crazy perfect square:   Click the link under THIS photo to get her free! PDF tutorials...they're amazing!!
Wow...I really love it!!
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