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I used to make Indydeb's recipe all the time...I ALWAYS added 1/2 tsp. salt and decreased the powdered sugar to 6 cups.
Is this the recipe you made for your friend?     It's my #1 favorite filling...
I don't have that pan, but if I did, I would most definitely bake the top and bottom separately...
As maisie73 stated, I'm a hobbyist too, so my opinion is from a customer point of view...   I REALLY dislike "About Me"  pages that are written in third person...   The only exception is if the accompanying photo is of a cake alone, not the decorator/business owner.   I also don't like it when they're really wordy and include lots of anecdotes... Yours isn't and doesn't, so I like that!     (PS...starting, should be changed to started)
I literally just made my first flowers ever (roses), a few days ago, and I had the same thought as you...kudos to those that do it so well and make it look so easy!   I know mine need work, but I also know that this is a skill that requires LOTS of practice (as others have mentioned)...there's no getting around it.   A big issue I had was with the gluing... I realized that I couldn't follow the gluing instructions from the tutorials I used. I basically had to add a...
Thank you my dear!
Two new favorite channels:
You're welcome! (The picture link doesn't work)
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