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When I need anything small especially...Americolor(s), luster dust, tylose, etc. I always get it on ebay...   There's lots of people selling cake stuff there...the shipping charges are the best I've found, the service is impeccable, and the items are always brand new, unused.
Definitely...that's what I assumed it was at first.
I think this is it:
The decorator states that it's 2 cupcakes:
Kaysie Lackey has a tutorial for that style of have to be a member to see the full video but I can tell you that she says she colored her fondant with Super Red, Holiday Red, and some Violet (to cancel out the orange). I assume they're Americolor...     (She also uses 4 different dusts at the end...3 of them are reddish and don't really show to be honest, one...
Cake? Maybe the main cake was a bit larger and they took some off the end, cut it up and formed the corner ledge for the flag... OR just baked extra cake, of course, for it...
That's wouldn't let me edit...   No worries...go here and scroll down to Custom Colors:   There's a guide you can enlarge, but if you click the "Shop" link, it's even larger.
Here's one for Merckens candy melts: http://www.*******************/Merckenschocolatecoloringguide.html
Just ordered some last night!   Absolutely love it....tried 2 other brands that didn't compare.
This isn't my photo:   ...but these are the exact sets that I have and love, love, love...   They're magnetic, so they stay together in the drawer!!... the spoons are double-sided, so the narrow-er side fits into small spice jars when the normal side is too big...AND there's a 1/2 Tb. size, which you don't normally get in a basic set.   I've had them about a yr.-and-a-half, use them pretty much daily for one...
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