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They're sold here:;jsessionid=FE8218B938A33EB227288D35DFE900AF.m1plqscsfapp04?productId=90&categoryId=17   If you click on the last small pic, you can see the entire set...
You're welcome
Looks like it's the mat in this set:
It was mentioned already, but microwaving should absolutely fix it... My fondant looks exactly like that when I make red or black...warming it, then kneading a little, and it's perfect.
Here's a great post written by CC member jenmat:
I love your channel! I posted a link to it months ago on a long thread here requesting favorite Youtube channels...
Do you mean the one made famous by Sharon Zambito?   I bought it several years ago and had to call the lady who makes it directly... It seems she now has a site you can purchase from:
When I need anything small especially...Americolor(s), luster dust, tylose, etc. I always get it on ebay...   There's lots of people selling cake stuff there...the shipping charges are the best I've found, the service is impeccable, and the items are always brand new, unused.
Definitely...that's what I assumed it was at first.
I think this is it:
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