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  I'll only use this for my chocolate cake: (...and that's after testing the recipe using 7 other cocoas...low to high-end)
This is a good read:
Great idea....I love it!   For small holes, different sized piping tips work perfectly. I would use fondant & tylose myself, or better yet, because it's a cupcake topper and might be eaten...I would try modeling chocolate. I don't work with gumpaste, so I can't comment on that.   (I know you didn't ask, but I have another tip that might help...if you're planning to "dirty" up the mask and don't have brown petal dust, you can use cocoa powder and a works...
I think the entire hat is cake...the bottom layers (black) are tapered/carved in to meet the smaller top layers (yellow). So all you'd have to do is set a cake board (the size of the smaller rounds) in the center of the larger rounds and carve in using both cake boards (top and bottom) as a guide...   I hope that makes sense?
You're welcome
I've done this's very easy and looks really pretty in person...I don't think the blended section comes across well using my simple point-and-shoot. (You can click to enlarge the pics...see how the gray (3rd pic) looks like there's purple lines running through it and the white looks almost person that wasn't visible).   This is a polymer clay technique called Skinner Blend...there's lots of tutorials showing how to make it. You can use a pasta...
Here's another way to do it:
Are you talking about this style?   If so, you can also just buy a diamond impression mat.
If you look at the third photo, it looks piped:
No problem mmhassa2...
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