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Are you talking about this style?   If so, you can also just buy a diamond impression mat.
If you look at the third photo, it looks piped:
No problem mmhassa2...
They're sold here:;jsessionid=FE8218B938A33EB227288D35DFE900AF.m1plqscsfapp04?productId=90&categoryId=17   If you click on the last small pic, you can see the entire set...
You're welcome
Looks like it's the mat in this set:
It was mentioned already, but microwaving should absolutely fix it... My fondant looks exactly like that when I make red or black...warming it, then kneading a little, and it's perfect.
Here's a great post written by CC member jenmat:
I love your channel! I posted a link to it months ago on a long thread here requesting favorite Youtube channels...
Do you mean the one made famous by Sharon Zambito?   I bought it several years ago and had to call the lady who makes it directly... It seems she now has a site you can purchase from:
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