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I don't think she is asking for financial advice, one person said something..thats ok but every other post. She just wants to get some cake supplies....sooooo I think petal, luster and disco dusts, LOVE my airbrush. Cutters, edible markers and some Craftsy classes, they are amazing!
10 5" cakes for $50 Does she even realize how long that will take? You will definately not make anything on it and your friend saying that is too much is shocking....goodluck
Its the heat that brings it out, I use paper towel to soak it up. After you make your model it sets and it doesn't look oily. I love this stuff
That is so sad, and I am sorry to hear that. You can make the train from the decorations, that would be cute. Also for the first time the other day I made modeling chocolate and it was the best way to make figures, there are no seams and it was so easy to color and work with. Making an elephant should be fairly easy its all about shapes Good luck and I hope everythig works out for your friend, sending prayers your way.
They are great! Best of all you can use the coupon, I got the one with the buttons and it was so easy to use, I think I will get them all
You can also just measure the torso and cut a front peice of a shirt and do the same for the back add the detail later (pocket, collar) ect. They just fit together at the seams. I usually just cut just by looking and it just fits together Good luck! Oh also their are some good girls crafts and books that come with stencils for clothes that you could use, I have seen them at Micheals. I came across this site when I was trying to figure out how to make a fish cake and thought it had some good ideas.
Go on youtube to search, these all seem to be fairly simple you can also google how to make fimo charactors. To make things easier you can just mold things with white fondant and them paint them with food coloring. I'm sure you will do great!
I have used the ones from the store and they worked great
Cute! Thanks for sharing
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