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Thanks everyone for your input. I decided to go with maple bacon cupcake b/c I see more positive reviews for that particular cupcake and it's still different :).
I have a Halloween Cupcake challenge coming up. Two cupcakes have to be made. I am doing a pumpkin cupcake but I thought wouldn't it be cool to do a savory cupcake b/c I know no one will think to do that. I thought why not a buffalo chicken cupcake. Has anyone tried these? Are they good?
Lol I don't think they're creepy. I like how realistic they look.
For those who have made these cute babies before. I want to know how exactly did you go about coloring the hair. Thank you for your help in advance.
Thank you!!! :)
I am entering a cupcake challenge and I see that this is a very popular cake choice. I want to half the recipe. I just need to know what is half of 1 1/2 teaspoon of salt?  The other ingredients were obviously easy to half. I also need to know what type of frosting compliments this cake. Does Wilton's buttercream go well with this cake? I am looking to win. Your help is greatly appreciated.
I have a halloween cupcake challenge where i work coming up. I am looking for decoration ideas on what I can do. I already have the flavor which will be a pumpkin caramel latte cupcake. I am familiar with the cupcake challenge show but I have not seen it in a long time b/c I do not have cable. So any decoration ideas would be greatly appreciated. I want something over the top, I am looking to win. I would love to get first place. For the challenge there will be three...
I am glad to hear everyones point of view. I am blessed in the sense that my college will be paid for entirely. I feel as if I have one time to try and get it right to be set financially for my future. I have worked with a hospital before, it was a good experience but I was on the admin side. I was thinking maybe I should try for nursing because I am caring and like to help people but at the same time its not a passion for me. I like how Lynne3 said being a nurse is a...
I have been to culinary school so I do know the technical skills as far as being precise in measurements and not wasting food. My career field is all about customer service so I have gained knowledge in that area.
It is great to hear from a nurse's perspective. All I hear is it a rewarding job which I get but I feel like mmm I don't think you're telling me everything there is. I remember overhearing a nurse's conversation saying if she had it to do again she would have done EMT and tells people to go into a field their passionate about. I know all about working in a thankless job field but it doesn't compare to nursing.
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