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Thanks Molly2 I will definately look for it. Is there a specific website I should look for it on?
Help! I am so confused on which airbrush to many brands, sizes, prices and uses. I want to be able to draw fine lines and color a whole cake if needed. What brand is the best for a home baker?
Thanks Kristy...I found them on rubber chef website. I'll have to order them sometime. Unfortunately I need to make wings for this weekend, so I think I'll make some sugar and karo candy and pour it in some kind of mold or something. Any ideas?
Wow...lots of good info. I have actually never heard of them or seen them. I want to use them for wings. So where do I buy them? Do I have to order them or can I buy them at a grocery store or craft store?
Help!!! How do I make gelatin sheets?
Help!! What is the best tasting fondant? I heard too that satin ice was the best tasting so I just ordered some. I haven't gotten it yet, so I guess we'll see how it taste. Wilton precolored fondant taste horrible.
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