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I really feel dumb!!!! I just not found my answer. Dont know how I overlooked. Sorry for my dumbness! LOL
It seems like I found a site here that listed all the acronyms and what they meant, but I cant find it now...anyone know?
Thank you for the tips 2cakes. I need to go out and buy more red and orange. Have never seen wilton orange at my store. Would yellow owrk since red and yellow make orange? I guess I could experiment. Thanks again.
Thank you to both that replied I will try adding red to the shortening and I will also look online for red decorators frosting.I just tried red liquid food color and it is very red, but not sure how it will hold up. It is much softer since I added more liquid, so wondering if I could add the liquid red to the shortening as well before the ps if that would work.
I am making an elmo cake and the red is not red enough no matter how much I use. I am making it with buttercream but photos ive seen all say royal. Does that make a difference in deepness of red color...buttercream vs royal? My red is just very light and already used 2 small jars. What about airbrush color mixed with buttercream? I dont want to waste any more ingredients so Im turning to the people I trust and know will have an answer. Please Help!!!
WOW...THANKS FOR THE TIPS. I will definetly get her dvd.
I am trying to cut letters in my cricut using gumpaste and I dont know what setting to use on the blade and pressure. The rings on the bar press too far down and cut lines all the way across the gumpaste and the blade wont cut the gumpaste. I read here on the forums to scrub off the sticky on the mat and use a thin layer of crisco and also let the gumpaste dry for a short time before cutting...did that...not work. So...can anyone help?
I want to copy the miller lite logo on frosting sheets for a cake this weekend, but my local grocery bakery said they wouldnt do it because of copyright. Is there any debate on that subject, or am I just out of luck? What else can I do to get a realistic picture?
wow...thank you very much for the website. I just read it and it answered all my questions.
Does anyone have the diredtions for making the bloody fingers for halloween? I have most of it figured out...I know they are made with nfsc, almond fingernails and red piping gel, but I dont know if you bake the almonds on the cookies or attach them after they bake.
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