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Thank you Carriebear and Kayla1505!
Careylynn...what brand of "real chocolate" did you use? Did you use white chocolate too...did you color it?
Thank you Roxybc
I have lots of questions.
Thank you MG. I am going to Michaels this week to get on of these.
Thank you for all the suggestions. One more question...what is a little pounder?
I found letter stencils that matched the lettering on my bible, so I used dusts with alchol to paint and it leaked and smudged and never gave me the crisp outlining I was wanting. I read that a CC'er used silk screening, but I have no idea how to do that and when I checked in to it, it looked like a lot of money to invest in.Any suggestions out there?
I have a question...did you use a stencil for the lettering Holy Bible on the cover? I tried using a stencil to write letters using dusts with alchol but it leaked and smudged. What did I do wrong?
Has anyone made letter impressions in fondant instead of piping? Ive seen it done and was wondering if a rubber stamp would do the same?
I have a queation...I used the 1:1 ratio for poured ganache and I had lots of tiny bubbles that couldnt get rid of...what do I do about bubbles?
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