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thanks for the replies...Imaginethatnj I will look at those websites and see what it says. Thanks for the sites.
sillywabbitz...what do you substitute the buttermilk for? Do you use butter and shortening recipe or just shortening? if the recipe calls for 6 3/4 cups cake flour I need to take out about 12 tablespoons of all purpose flour...does that sound right?
sorry my computer is acting crazy today...but I have a cake for tomorrow and I want to use apf instead of cake flour...does anyone know the substitution amounts?
Thank you Divinecc. That sounds easy and yummy!
I'm looking for a basic syrup or glaze that I can flavor according to the flavor of cake I'm making. On Fabulous Cakes, they spray a glaze or syrup on their cakes before icing to give added flavor and keep it moist, thats what I'm looking for. Any ideas?
I'm wondering what kind of white chocolate everybody uses. The only white chocolate I can find is Bakers white. Wilton white melts are vanilla. There is a white bark used like white chocolate but it is also vanilla.
Thank you terrylee..yes that helps.
What should I use to attach ribbon to a fondant covered cake? I've never done that before and need it for a cake next weekend. Thanks!
I've had some for 2 months in an airtight container in the refridgerator.
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