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I have greased and floured, buttered and lined, sprayed with release spray, and the latest Im using today is Wilton cake release in a squirt stinks. I would like to know what others use to release cakes from pans.
Thank you all for the suggestions. and thank you Texas Sugar for the link. It was great help. I will definitely use the tile method next time.
No matter what I do I my cakes bulge. I've torted with thick buttercream, I've chilled before fondant, I've chilled after fondant, I've even put 2 layers of fondant on a tier and it still bulged. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?
Has anyone compared the regular cricket adapted for cake to the actual "cake" cricket? I have the regular cricket that I adapted for cake by cutting off the rubber rollers. Dont want to invest in a "cake" cricket if I will get the same results. Right now I have to work all day just to get a few letters to cut cleanly.
Thought someone may know what colors to use to make tiffany blue. Thanks
Thanks sillywabbitz...Before I give up on buttercream, Im going to give her recipe another try.
Thank you for all the suggestions. I will definately be trying new recipes and all your suggestions. Thanks
Sillywabbitz...I'm from Corpus Christ/Port Aransas area. I'd like to go to Austin for the show but scheduled 2 cakes that weekend...darn!! Is McKinney up by Dallas?I think you are right about Sharon's recipe. I make mine thick too. I have noticed that hers doesnt crust as good for me as when I make it with water than when I make it with her coffee creamer method. Also...on you tube there is a video by Tonedna1 that demonstrates her buttercream recipe. She uses high ratio...
I have tried so many red velvet recipes and they all taste so good the first day, but after the first day, it is so dry and doesnt even taste the same. This happens with any red velvet recipe I use. Is there a reason for that? Does anyone know?
Sillywabbitz Im from Texas as well and we use the butter/shortening bc down here. Ive used Sharon Z's bc recipe and have also used high ratio shortening, but I just can't get it smooth. I avoid covering a cake with bc...except for the crumb coat...and stick with fondant covering. The weather is so hot and humid here in the summer, so I avoid cream cheese icing too. I want to try your suggestions for cream cheese flavored bc though. I have a carrot cake wedding for March...
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