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I don't use pasteurized egg whites but I do make a lot of IMBC and I have to say that I don't think you heated it high enough. My recipe calls for 250 degrees f and anything less won't come together, in my experience.      as far as the egg yolks go, I use them to make French buttercream, which is great for chocolate, or colored BC.      eggs in the shell are less expensive than pasteurized and you get double the use if you make FBC     jen
I wouldn't normally take a deposit for a cake at this price point.    I  agree with everything you've said, I just have one of those feelings that she thinks she's getting a cake on Friday.    thanks! 
this isn't strictly a "not to say" but i'm anxious and gotta get it off my chest!   talked to a woman about a cake for her rehearsal dinner last month. Got into servings and design. Agreed on the size of the cake and the design.  Her last email to me was about delivery and confirmation. I replied that I needed to know what flavor cake  she wanted and when and where she wanted it delivered. I never heard back from her.    Now it's 3 days from the event, still no word...
with the proliferation of prepackaged salted caramel food products in the grocery store, I do believe that it has come to mean SALTY caramel. I don't think most people get that it's supposed to be this unique taste and texture experience. 
  right, because the cake is supported by the internal supports and not the buttercream. OP, you also need cardboard rounds. This is a simple illustration of the concept
I don't know who made that specific cake, but it is definitely in the style of Margaret Braun.
"I'll go with your price and renegotiate if it's too much."     you can try....
those are air bubbles. regardless of your recipe, you have to press them out. Some do it in the bowl by pressing the BC back and forth against the side of the bowl before scooping it up. I do it on the cake, I start with a lot of BC and smooth smooth smooth before using my scraper to finish the sides.    go to 2:45 to see what i mean about pushing it against the bowl.
no one is going to care as much as the person who made them and the person who is paying for them. I would point this out to you client and see if she can find one person on the venue staff who will take charge of and be responsible for the pops.   I suggest a thick styrofoam that is the same size as the box you will put them in  so that it won't have any chance of tipping over, and stick those suckers down deep into the foam.    Close and cover with warnings and hope...
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