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1:1 ratio ganache is similar to fudge from a bucket, but infinitely better.
this is the dilemma we all face, balancing life and work.  sometimes it takes temporary sacrifice that pays off in the end.    only you can decide how to prioritize your responsibilities.  if your employer is willing to pay you to go to pastry school and that supports your end goals, then i suggest you find a way to work it out.    it's a huge step from cake decoration to owning your own business.  write down your plan and figure out what steps you need to...
time and materials . it shouldn't be different than any other cake you've made.    time and materials + your profit percentage. 
cake drums are expensive. I only use them on big/tall cakes, and the cost is definitely figured into my price. is a reliable supplier
of course. you have to look at it as AZCouture describes it. two cakes stacked on top of one another. If you're adding a 3rd layer you must dowel and support as if the cakes were different sizes. 
go with royal, you will have more control and a finer finished product. 
i took a 4 tiered wedding cake in two carry on boxes. two tiers were buttercream and fondant. two were ganache and fondant. they were not frozen, but chilled. i lined the boxes with bubble wrap and put a large freezer pack in each one. They arrived intact and all i had to do was stack them on site the next morning.    jen
that was a support issue. even if the bottom cake fell apart the top cake should still be standing because it's supporting itself with vertical and horizontal supports.    what support system did you use?
 You should have a discussion with your customers about what they need and what they want and then use your professional expertise to guide them. If you think the cake will be too cluttered then point it out. "you said you want X to be the theme of this cake, but there are so many characters that i think the theme will be lost." If they want something you cannot or will not do, say that. Don't be afraid to tell a customer that you won't use disco dust, that black...
Just want to say, "good on ya" for charging for your work! I actually had a call last week for a last minute carved firetruck cake. There was no way I could do a carved cake in the time frame so I offered the customer a round cake with trucks on top for a mere $75. She totally balked at the price. I wonder how much she thought she was gonna pay for the truck?     Jen
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