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I don't think I would tackle this at all. I just don't think you can get paid enough. The cakes should cost you at least $35 a piece and that's conservative. Then, as someone pointed out, it's hard to keep some children's attentions for very long. I've had so many projects that I thought would take a while and the kids just breezed through it, leaving me scrambling for other activities.    Ask the host if there will be other adults to help. Ask for help with set up and...
it's gonna come off, but you can make it a little easier if you just cut the layers right on the cake, get down to the bare cardboard, scrape the BC off the bottom and then schmear it back on.    i wouldn't attempt this for a larger cake and I wouldn't do it in front of the guests.    regardless, no one will notice the missing BC if your slices are even and uniform. 
nice job! i don't think it would have occurred to me that the tiers were offset, though they obviously are! well done!
I just heard the funniest thing!   The Steve Harvey show called a cake decorator and accused her of delivering the wrong cake. What follows is a woman who handles herself and her business  beautifully. By the end, you will admire her composure, business savvy, and ability to know when enough is enough...   it has strong language, so I'm not going to post it here. You only have to search, "nephew tommy prank call the cake lady" and it will come up.     youll be glad...
  I think chapter two will be when this becomes OPs most popular cake design for new clients...
I just saw a close up of a broken toe... not good eats. 
there are dozens and dozens of tutorials online. just google "ruffled rose cake tutorial" and pick the one you like. 
  because it's usually accompanied with unreasonable requests to make the chocolate less chocolatey and a fondant finish without using fondant.  The reality is that most of us make what we make, and rarely waver from that, and it gets frustrating when someone ignores your baking standards or insists that they know better than you do. 
only you can determine what your pricing includes.    if you search this forum and the site for "pricing" you will find plenty of good advice.    There is also a pricing matrix pinned to the top of this forum. 
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