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i've found the best prices on Amazon, lately. I just ordered a set of the 5 oz bottles, and free shipping!
I live in a town of 20,000. be patient. be good at what you do. be prepared to tell and show customers why you're worth it. 
It might, unless you're going to serve it right away, I suggest royal icing.
she has a freaking year to get another decorator. What's she so ticked off about?    Help her if you can, but do what you have to do, as well. I wouldn't leave a wedding cake I had made with anyone else. There's no way I would be able to enjoy my vacation until it was delivered. 
In the hot months it might be wise to skip the ganache centers so that you don't have double melting problems.    However, a dam is always a good idea if you're putting something other than buttercream in the center. I use the Italian version, which is much like Swiss, I don't even bother with a piping bag, just build up the sides with my blade and then fill. You don't have to refrigerate if your dam is wide enough. Think 1/2 to 3/4 inches.   Here is a great pic of a...
did you cut into it before you filled and frosted? yellow eggs and butter can definitely turn your batter green. What it looks like on the crust vs the crumb can be different. 
You might think this is weird, but I like to use an apron for cash. I just put the money in there as I take it or disburse it and It goes where I go. 
so what happened, ladies? I'm dying to know who was paid and who  wasn't!
think of it this way,  you've saved yourself from having to learn this lesson over and over. you won't forget the 50% the cake cost you and you will change your approach when dealing with expectations.    at least you've gotten something out of the experience. 
i think those kinds of funnels are also found as candy making supplies.   i use potion dishers. I hate the idea of creating another container to clean. With a disher, you can also make cookies, and those cute little mashed potato mounds from the school cafeteria... ;-}
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