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my wedding cake was cheesecake and the baker added 3 cardboard rounds, glued together, for an extra half inch. I didn't know that and tried to cut thru to the bottom on my first slice!    but that will do it. if you add more cake don't forget to charge for it.    jen
seems pretty straight forward. two kinds of buttercream. pipe and fill. don't be afraid to use a finger to smooth the stones. might be best to wear a glove so your hand doesn't melt the bc as much.    jen
There is a dedicated person in each county. you need to call and ask questions. The person in my county (orange) really wants to help, so call and ask.     jen
get a small level and use it as you torte and restack your cake layers to avoid that lopsided appearance
I took four tiers in two boxes in May.
I only use all butter IMBC and I've had no trouble getting a soft pink. Try Americolor, as suggested. You don't need as much to get a true color, tho, I do not understand "fuscia" it is the ugliest pink I've ever seen.
Security reserves the right to open and inspect, but my boxes weren't opened. Just be sure they can be opened and resealed. I took two boxes, measured to fit in the overhead, and they were fine.
SMHUltimately I quoted her a very modest price for the same cake for Saturday delivery. I never heard back.
If you are using a hot blade to smooth your BC or smoothing it after it has been chilled, that can break the emulsion and cause yellowing. 
You have to remember that she said this, "Caller: But I want you to make the cake because I like your cakes better. " People will come to you. Giving quotes that don't turn into biz are a fact of life. Persevere and you will find your groove.
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