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I just saw a close up of a broken toe... not good eats. 
there are dozens and dozens of tutorials online. just google "ruffled rose cake tutorial" and pick the one you like. 
  because it's usually accompanied with unreasonable requests to make the chocolate less chocolatey and a fondant finish without using fondant.  The reality is that most of us make what we make, and rarely waver from that, and it gets frustrating when someone ignores your baking standards or insists that they know better than you do. 
only you can determine what your pricing includes.    if you search this forum and the site for "pricing" you will find plenty of good advice.    There is also a pricing matrix pinned to the top of this forum. 
OR 1 doz cupcakes in a 10x10x4 box from brp, for .55, and they store in a box that fits flat against the wall. 
Your prices are your prices. You don't have to apologize for it. You don't have to educate her about it.    I know you're irritated. Just move onto your next customer and forget about this one, who is not a customer. Not worth your aggravation, I agree.    Jen
"i'm only willing to pay..."   that cracks me up. though it sometimes works, i'm thinking you have to get somewhere closer to the actual price.
  Oh yeah, I didn't check it. I made sure my boxes fit into the overhead. 
i took 4 tiers to kansas city from orange county, in May. I did a layer of ganache under the fondant, which is perfect for keeping the cake protected and fresh. I put the layers into a new box, that fit into the overheads,  lined with bubble wrap and tossed in some cold packs. cakes arrived cold and with no flaws. I was sure to tell every security guard, TSA agent and flight attendant what I was carrying. TSA says they reserve the right to check, but no one opened my...
 i have hastily tossed out a high number on a cake I didn't want to do and found people taking me up on it! So be sure you want to make it before you quote. :D
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