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Thank you both for the information.
HI there, i have never made a gluten free cake but i have an order for this weekend and have no idea how to make it. I have been looking for recipes on line but i get confused. I need to make a vanilla gluten free cake, could you pass me your vanilla gf recipe or tell me where i can find one. Can i just replace some of the ingredients from my regular recipes to make them gluten free.   Thanks,   Veronica
But when i poke the cake with a toothpick it came out clear that's why i took it out of the oven. Yes i always put wooden dowels in the middle, do you think if i put the wooden dowels and stack the other cakes  it will be ok? I tasted the cakes and they taste good, do you think i need to bake them again? Thanks. 
Does anyone has an advice on this. I baked 2 14"x14" square cakes and they sank in the middle. It is the first time it happens this to my cakes. Any ideas of what i did wrong? Can i fix it by adding more cake in the middle to make it even instead of baking them again? I will stack a 10x10  and a 6x6 cakes on top. The cake is for a quinceañera, i am just affraid that if i stack it like that the whole cake will collapse.   Thanks,
Here on CC there's a great tutorial for that. I use glaze gold because that's all I had that night and came out really good. Good luck.
Wow, I haven't never tried the buttercream. I think I will give it a try.
I got my mat yesterday and just tried it right now on a 8" cake; omgosh it's awesome. My husband loves the fact that the fondant doesn't dry out while rolling and you lift the mat with the fondant in one piece without tearing(even using satin ice fondant). I should had ordered another one to cut it in half for the small cakes .Veronica
Thank you so much for this tip, I had never heard about this. I will try it the next time. I hate to waste a lot of cake cutting the lip.
Thank you so much for your response. Oh well, I'll try to find it.
I use to use wilton brand it work great but not good flavor. I started using satin ice vanilla, the flavor is great but way too soft it tears and elephant skin. I tought because I always get it from a local cake supply store and i can't use it for decoration just for covering cake. I was thinking of trying ordering online to see if it was different. I want to try another brand, maybe fondx, where is the best place to get it.Veronica
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