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the cake is soooo simple! Thats what is driving me crazy! Its just 5 square tiers with a ribbon around each layer. SO SIMPLE!!!!!!! I have ben fighting with this icing for about 4 hours now. I did what some suggested and worked on it then put it back in the fridge a bit. I have got it somewhat smoothe, but it looks cracked or wrinkled. The recipe I used is pretty much 1/2 shortening 1/2 butter, cream cheese, vanilla, and powdered sugar. In my frantic search for some...
I am working on a 5 tier wedding cake. It is Carrot cake with cream cheese icing. I got a recipe off this website for crusting cream cheese icing. I made it and it tastes great, one problem though....I cant get it smoothe on the cake!!!!!! Its drooping and kinda sliding off the cake, not to mention that its just not smoothing out! What can I do?????? Please help Im stressing and not sure what to do AHHHHHHHH
Any other ideas out there????
Thanks for the ideas! I need the cake to feed 20-30 people. Thanks again for the ideas and keep them comin
Ok I got an order today for an Annie cake. It is for a 13 year old who is staring as Annie in her school play on her birthday. I NEED HELP!!!!!! I have no idea where to begin. Can someone please help?
Ok so I am still new at all this. I have never taken a cake class...everything I know, I have taught myself. I have an upcoming wedding cake to do and I am wondering which is better to use for the cake board. Is it better (or more professional) to put each tier on the plastic cake plates or should I just use cardboard? I have done several stacked cakes before and just used cardboard with dowel rods, but I wasn't sure what to do with the wedding cake. I need some advise...
I have the wilton cross pan, but does anyone know about how many it will feed??? I need to make a cross for 20-25 people. Not sure if that pan can do that...any help would be appreciated!
Thank you for those tips...any other suggestions out there?
Ok so I have tried cream cheese icing a few times now. Didn't work out so well. Too sweet. Help!!! I have a cake coming up this weekend and the customer wants cream cheese icing to go with her strawberry cake. I don't want to disappoint, please help!
Thanks...but I'm thinking more like an oak tree or something like it. Just a brown tree trunk with green leaves at the top. Any suggestions?
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