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i was wondering about this too.. what about logos? etc like on purse cakes etc
well.. you can definately re-use them, probably as much as you want too. until they get really damaged. I have always used buttercream under the fondant, but i read on here somewhere that there is an easier way (actually what i'm searching for now) Some just spray a light mist of water i think. You can also just decorate w/ bc if you want. To clean them is pretty easy.. once its been dry for awhile the icings just chip off. i just take a spatula over a trash can and pry...
i was planning on putting boards in between layers for each each tier.. her colors are ivory, dark brown, and pink .. i don't think she's going to be putting all those flowers all over the place on her display table
Here is the picture she gave me- what would you guys suggest to make something like this into a 3 foot cake? I'm pretty sure she'd be willing to make some changed to the dimensions- that's why i was wondering if anyone could show me a pic of what that would look like- so if it is way weird- i can show her. Thanks for the help guys! This is my 1st so having some good explains of how to make it look better to tell her helps me out in alot of ways! I appreciate itby the...
they will be round.. we found the 20'' dummies 3 of them- 4'' tall.. all together was about $30- dallas foam was the cheapest- so she's just buying those.. i've got access to a commercial oven if necessary for the others.. she knows she wants something really tall- she says she only NEEDS to serve 200, she says she's open to suggestions- would something skinnier look better for the height?
thank you! I was hoping for a "wedding worthy" recipe
i just got my 1st wedding cake order, and it's a doosey (at least i think so) .. these are the dimensions she wants.. 4 tiers .. the top 8'' diameter 6'' high, 2nd 12'' diameter and 9'' high, the 3rd 16'' diameter by 9'' high, and the bottom 20'' diameter by 12'' high.. totaling 3ft tall- which having that height is important to her. what do you guys think? we'll probably end up having the bottom tier dummy cake, since she's only serving 200. and probably part of the...
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