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I've seen a lot of people on this site use Knox brand gelatin to make the ice cubes. It is in the baking aisles with Jell-o.
Here's an article on how to make a cowboy hat. It tells you about the brim.
Not sure if you can find something that would be equally proportionate but you could try using a Triangle cookie cutter for the glass and an upside down T for the stem.
The mango kulfi cupcakes sound yummy. As far as a topper, why not use a sliver of mango slice on top of the frosting--like the picture from the link you posted.
That's awesome!! Congratulations!
I would say that Melvira is the Bettercreme queen. She started the following topic which has a gazillion different ways to flavor it:
I'm glad you decided to go through with the cake. You did an excellent job and the headlights look awesome! You did a very impressive job for this to have been your first time working with fondant. I'm sure your boyfriend loved it.
I go to as well and
Txcupcake beat me to the answer. That method has always worked for me as well. This article goes into other suggestions:
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