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can this buttercream sit out? i don't want to put the cake in the fridge
love you GUYS Thanks cc'ers
yes but it comes out too shiney and i don't like that, can i do anything about that?
they had a picture in a cake book that they actually covered the cake thats why i was wondering if its like fondant and how it taste? Can you make figures with it? do they dry
formable icing it's 1 tbs of liquid glucose 1 egg white and 1lb of confections sugar. is this like fondant? where can i find glucose is it corn syrup? any help would be great!
I love the sound of this filling but can it sit over night or does it have to be in the fridge. I plan on makeing the cake tonight and crumb coating it then decorating in the moring to be eatin at 2:00 sat (tom) whacha think?
does fondant figures dry like gumpaste? i've fooled with gumpaste before but not fondant figures. any advice?
Thanks i'll try again
Just enough to keep my hands greased
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