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Can you use piping gel and vodka without the chocolate cracking or should I just use shortening?
How do I form a cake to create a simple round vase at the bottom with a large mouth at the top? I need it to be no larger than 8-in. but I would like for it to have some height on it. I will be putting red chocolate open face roses in the center.
I want to do a basketweave cake with Hershey's hugs (a basket of hugs) and wanted to make the basket the colors of the Hugs wrapper.
If I mix these two together, what measurements should I use in order to layer an 8-inch round cake that has 3 layers, and what do I use on my mat in order for the fondant not to stick to it. I know you use shortening for fondant and constarch for the clay, but when mixed together, what keeps it from sticking to the mat, and what do I use to adhere candy clay decorations to this, or should I use gumpaste or fondant molds?
I am using a 2 lb. 2.5 oz. coffee can to make a vase cake. I need to know how much cake batter to put into the can in order for it not to overflow. I will carve the hourglass shaped vase after the cake has chilled overnight.
I need to make a Bible and need input on how to wrap the fondant so that it does not fall when I drape it over the rectangular cake but stands straight out like the sides of a book. Should I roll the fondant thicker?
I would place several large marshmallows individually spaced on a microwave plate and microwave for about 10-15 seconds, just to soften thm and then attach mini-marshmallows around each invididual marshmallow to have it look like poped corn and then brush with a mixture of yellow gel coloring and clear vanilla.
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