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The answer is yes, yes, yes! I have found that adding fondant strips to chilled BC cakes limits "smushing" or messing up the surface of the BC cake. I have several cakes that I've added fondant strips or decorations on BC cakes. HTH
Can you use this old Wilton Recipe for Pulled Sugar:3/4 cup water3 cups granulated sugar1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar"Bring water to a boil, add dry ingredients and mix well. Cook quickly to 312 degrees washing batch down with a brush and warm water three times while cooking to eliminate crystals on side of pan. Do not stir while cooking. Remove from heat and pour on greased marble or porcelain or Formica or even a large cookie sheet. When batch reaches 312 degrees remove...
Depending on what I'm making, I have order the ones with the wires if I'm making a spray or twisting a few together for filler flowers between large flowers. I've also order flowers without wires to just stick directly on cakes as well. If they have wires I use coffee stirrers, Wilton flower spikes or straws to attach to cakes so the wires never touch the cake. HTH
In the past few years, I started playing around with making gumpaste flowers. Before that, yes I've ordered gumpaste flowers from that company. I still have some flowers left that I play with. Yes, they can be airbrushed, hand painted with lemon extract and petal dust or non-toxic pastel chalk. Here is a picture I recently posted of the flowers, the pink and purple roses I made, the rest came Cake Deco:...
Thanks so much for responding! I now know what to ask for, Mother's Day is coming up. I really would like to try out the new fondant molds.
Has anyone tried any of the 20 new items yet? I received an e-mail from Wilton today and was I surprised with the new items that are coming out. If this info has been posted, sorry! I searched the forum and didn't find anything! TIA
Just a bit of info: when using this type of cake stands, make sure that with the poles that are 15" or 20" place only 5" to 6" size cakes to prevent tipping over. Also, these cakes should not be taller than 4 inches high, better yet 3".
I think that stand is called Crystal Splendor from Wedding I have a set. HTH
Try using americolor black in any of your chocolate BC frosting. At first it looks dark grey. Then cover your bowl with a lid, as it sets it turns black. I just made a cake with black BC frosting this weekend. It does seem weird eating black frosting, but darn, it sure tasted good. Best Wishes!
Can piping gel be used? Recently I have been heating it in the microwave for about 10 to 20 seconds to thin down piping gel and when it cools down it hardens. I use this for my cake pop flowers made with fondant. HTH
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