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Can one tier be a 6" styrofoam circle or a cake dummy? The other tiers: top a 4", bottom tier a 8". Just a thought!
Thank you anamado, I too used your tutorial for the man's shoe. I wished my shoe came out like yours did. My shoe look like a red and black "motor boat", it was suppose to be a loafer (LOL)! I was too afraid to carve more cake off giving it more of shape. Well, it was my first shoe, I will have to retry this again. Your tutorials are Great!
Wow Happy Cake those hydrangeas are beautiful! So far I haven't had a problem with using the Wilton cutters. I use to hand cut the petals out, then I made my own metal cutter for the larger petals. The larger petals I hang upside down to dry. Here are my Wilton hydrangeas: are the larger metal cutter hydrangeas:
It is best to use BC on BC to stencil on your cake. RI works best on fondant cakes. Here are two wedding cakes I stenciled in BC. HTH
Hi this is one type of nordic ware castle pan that I have. I'm not sure this is the one you are looking for: is decorated with an icing glaze, luster dust and royal icing.
Have you tried dipping your ball tool in a mixture of cornstarch and powder sugar, shake off the excess powder to roll, really it is a light drag of the tool on the edge of the petals?
Make sure the gumpaste or fondant is rolled thin to where you can almost see through it. This usually helps the gumpaste/fondant to ruffled when using a ball tool. I've tried making both of these flowers. The plumerias requires a slightly thicker petal, the hibiscus requires a thinner petal. I use a manual pasta machine to roll mine out. HTH.
I usually roll my gumpaste up to the setting of 5 or 6 with a manual, not sure about a Kitchenaid, still working my way to getting that baby! HTH
I've tried the Wilton Color Mist Spray - Black on chocolate clay for posts for a wrestling cake. It didn't color very well. The only success so far was red on fondant roses. With this spray you have to spray a coat, let dry, then spray again otherwise if you spray too much it will have a spotty or blotchy appearance. Test a sample piece of fondant before attempting on your cake to see if there is a possibility that it could work. Oops forgot I did spray other colors on...
Before I had discovered CC and all of it's wonderful resources, I only knew about Wilton products. I pretty much have tried quite a few of their cake tier sets. I later found while surfing the internet( favorite thing to do), I came across cake and saw the Coast Cake tier set. At that time, I had a cake that I designed for my God Daughter's Wedding, so I gave it a try: Later, while reading all of the wealth of...
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