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When spraying the can, did you hold it at least 6-8 inches back from the stencil? With this stuff it can't be sprayed real close and no full blasts. Lightly press when spraying. Make sure you practice before putting on your actual project to gauge the best distance. It sounds like the spray can may have been held too close or maybe repeatedly spraying without letting each application dry in trying to achieve a sold color. I hope this helps. Best wishes!
Sorry, it didn't work out! What happened?
Hello puffpuff, last year I taught our Church Summer Camp Kids how to decorate cake with little means. Start at a dollar store, buy in the floral section round styrofoam circles. Glue 2 together with glue or wrap in saran wrap. Also purchase measure cups to make practice icing. I buy their clear chopping mats to work on when measuring ingredients or for making gumpaste flowers. Recipe for Practice Icing1 cup Shortening1 teaspoon vanilla, optional5 - 6 tablespoons water4...
Corsage pins work pretty good too for holding the stencil in place. Make sure your cake has been chilled in the refrigerator first. Then pin the stencil to cake. With and pointed angled small spatula or a narrow width plastic putty knife or small bowel scrapper, spread your thinned down frosting on. Don't be afraid go over stencil again with no frosting to take off the excess. Spread in one direction helps also. Unpin the stencil, remove and voila! Wash your stencil with...
Yes, you can stencil with the Wilton Color mist spray, this is the first method I learned to do before learning to use an airbrush. I'm in the learning phase with the airbrush. The stencil came from here on CC.Color Mist Spray Stenciled cakes:
I have read that Bettercreme decorated on a cake with a non perishable filling,is safe to leave out for 5 days, I never do that, I keep my decorated cakes in the refrigerator. Go to Rich's Bettercreme website, they have what is called "Cake Pros". Best Wishes!
I too have a degree in Nutrition. Ok, this will tell a little about my age, I took the Wilton home lessons, read their books, magazines and looked at their videos. I have to admit I've learned so much more from here on CC, youtube, internet websites - bloggers and other books. Long story, short, I'm a visual learner too and self taught.
This is a cake I did for a 30th birthday and mom was expecting. This Mommy-to-be wanted her cake in black, purple and white. She loves shoes, I guess wine and stars? It is what she asked for, this is what I put on her cake (LOL)! She really has a great personality!
Depending on the type of whipped cream frosting you are using, sure you can pipe with it like BC frosting. So far I've only used Bettercreme. With this you have to be careful how you whip it, if it is over whipped it thickens up and look curdled, this can easily be fixed by adding more. However, there are some good forums on Bettercreme with how to prepare and decorate with it here on CC. There are others whipped cream frostings that can do the same thing. I've was able to...
Wilton Fondant mixed with Wilton Gumtex (look up the amts for this here on CC)otherwise, mix Wilton premade gumpaste with Wilton fondant, 50-50 ratio! HTH.
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