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Hi there, I have a Canon Pixma ip3500, it was just purchased in 1/09. So far I have not cleaned the heads on it yet. It is working fine so far. I was under the impression that with this type you may not need to do this to soon. Here is a website that helped me to decide to buy the canon printer and not the others used for edible photos.
Hello, The ruffle borders that you are in question of, are you trying to make them from fondant or pipe them in BC on the cake or are you trying to buy ruffles to attach to cake boards?Hammy
Hi Illinois People! Yeah! I charge between 1.50/slice, not including decorations or cake stands, it is a cake mix and buttercream that has no butter to up to $10.00/slice and up for cakes completely covered in fondant, specail made from scratch and fondant flowers. My average charge is $2.50 to $3.00/slice, I always ask about their budget first then show them my rates, have them choose what is afforable for them. I do not make fondant cakes for $1.50 or 2.00/slice. I'm...
You can use butter cream, thinned RI, luster dust, airbrush, coco powder, there aren't any limits. Not sure about the spackling of the BC, how does that work? I've seen the tutorial videos for BC, they use a scrapper to smooth it on and the BC is like a creammy consistency.Hammy
Hi, I want to invest in the near future in the cake stencils too. I have recently read some threads in the forum that the stencils are a little difficult to work with. I would suggest buying stencils from craft store and trying those out before paying the big bucks for the designer ones. I just cut my own stencil, I going to practice on a dummy cake with thinned royal icing.Once I have the technque under my belt then, thats when I'll invest.HTHHammy
I just recently went the the isle at Joann Fabrics and I purchased the metal balling tool, I already had purchased the Clay pasta press. I love them.Go on line for JoAnn's, they even have basic petal cutters for beginners if you like to make fondant flowers like I do. I want to try the extruder and some of the molding products. Happy Shopping! HTHHammy
I have one that I purchased when it was on sale a few months ago. I only use it for my fondant flowers. I use the setting #6. It's true, I hate that the handle comes off. However, it came with a vice grip or whatever you call the holder(LOL), it does not come off the table. HTHHammy
Does any know anything about the Silkpaint- Silkpainting Air Pen for $144.95 that can be used for cakes at or Hammy
Thanks for the posting! Hammy
I would love to know the name or what type of fabric painting pen you found. Thanks, Hammy
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