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I have one that I purchased when it was on sale a few months ago. I only use it for my fondant flowers. I use the setting #6. It's true, I hate that the handle comes off. However, it came with a vice grip or whatever you call the holder(LOL), it does not come off the table. HTHHammy
Does any know anything about the Silkpaint- Silkpainting Air Pen for $144.95 that can be used for cakes at or Hammy
Thanks for the posting! Hammy
I would love to know the name or what type of fabric painting pen you found. Thanks, Hammy
I have watched Edna's You-tube tutorials for the calla lilly and the roses, they are simply wonderful. I mainly work in fondant, have done some gumpaste. Thanks Edna for being such a wonderful person. Oh yeah, her other tutorials are GREAT TOO!Hammy
Taught a cake decorating class 4 years ago, in the 1st class I prepare all three brands plus an aldi's brand. They all were yellow cakes. Since I doctor all my cake mix cakes. I prepare them all the same way. They had to sample each brand. To my surprise they chose the Aldi's. Go figure, because I'm a DH lover.Hammy
Congtatulations to the both of you. You and your hubby look absolutely gorgeous! The cake is a knock out! LOL-soo beautiful.Hammy
Hi I live south of Chicago, Il. There is a cake supple store on the south side of Chicago, called Cake Walk Chicago, this place has a website, Lori carries alot of stuff, another called Cake Pan Alley in Lansing, Il and Sandy's Cakes and Candy on Burnham Ave off 147th Street. HTH Hammy
Thanks so much for the info. Sorry in not responding more quickly to your post. Also, I won't be able to attend ICES. However, I will be going tothe website. I need more ink! Have a blast at ICES! Hammy
I've used the Coast system for a Castle wedding cake, but the frosting was BC. I love the Coast plates and dowels. Just did a cake in MMF, had topush in pretzel rods for palm trees. I did this while the fondant was soft. I had no problems. Maybe there is some CCers who do this on set MMF.HTHHammy
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