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It depends on the type of recipe you make for the caramel frosting. I make mine from scratch. If it is the poured tpye of caramel icing you may have a problem. If it is a recipe that requires powder sugar and it whips up like frosting, you might have a better chance of it working. Also make sure your fondant decorations are not real thick. Thinner, smaller decorations may work a lot better. I hope everything works out well!
When I first started making roses, I made them out of MMF like you, they really taste good. Then I started making them from Wilton's recipe for gumpaste, it is pretty simple and I used lemon juice, I was still looking for the taste factor. Later, on I started using Wilton premade fondant mixed with the premade gumpaste, less stress, good texture to work with, but it was costly. I used Joann, Michaels or Hobby Lobby coupons to lessen the sticker shock, here in Illinois the...
imadreamer702 Thank you so much! What did you add to the fondant last night when drying in the spoon? Was it tylose or gumtex? When drying in a spoon, don't let them sit over night, just let them sit out un-covered while you are adding a layers of petals on the rose bud. This might be why they were so fragile. I learn how to make roses from Edna De La Cruz from "Design Me A Cake"( ), she is really an awesome cake decorator and a wonderful...
I dug this out of the archives (LOL)! I hope this helps! Just use petal dust or luster dust, even finely grated non-toxic soft pastel chalk works wonderfully on gumpaste/fondant flowers. I usually use lemon extract to paint with. I have used Wilton fondant mixed with read-to-use gumpaste with Wilton Gumtex. Now I make gumpaste from royal icing mixed with tylose.
Check out the Wilton Way II Book for the Gumpaste Iris, I think this may be the easiet way I've seen so far! I've scanned the instruction into my pictures and I've posted this some time back for some one else. Not sure if I can add it again. Best Wishes and I hope this helps!
Thanks for the info!
I love the reusable part too! Wooooooh Baby! I love making molds! This product has tutorials on youtube! Just went and looked!
I was just looking on the website for Joanns to see if they had added a food-grade mold product to their inventory and voila here it is: Has any one ever use this foodgrade product? How does it work before I save the pennies and explore with it. It comes in two sizes.
I use to make cakes like these, feel free to look at my pictures. Every now and then I get to mix the old style with the new. I just love making these types of wedding cakes. WOW memories! Oh, yeah I read in an wedding article just the other week, these cakes are making a come back, be patient, practice your piping technique and be ready. Best Wishes!
It sort of look like orange gumpaste briar roses or some sort of fantasy flowers with stamens.
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