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Hello to everyone with a Cricut Mini Cake Cutter! I know I'm out of the loop with this thing because tonight I caught on fire with frustration(hot flashes didn't help either) trying to use the thing. I could not get the drivers to down load nor could I use the Cricut Craft Room. It would not recognize the machine I have. I know this puppy is discontinued. Can I now go to SCAL. I can't buy any mats. I'm SORRY I BOUGHT THIS THING! Has anyone else had the same problem.?
You certainly can, I took one of the push pop containers to cut out the cake circles for my push pop, only I used a sheet cake. It will still work. If you feel the 9" layer is too thick, torte it or slice the layer in half side ways and go from there. I hope this makes sense. Best wishes! I hope this helps!
Try kneading in a little glycerine or corn syrup. I would add it to an experiment piece to see if it will work. I just added corn syrup this past weekend to some dark(black) and light (white MMF painted silver) fondant that I made that seemed rubbery and cracking. Add by teaspoons to small amounts of fondant or by the tablespoon for larger amounts,let rest in plastic for at least an hour or overnight, until you reach the consistency that is desired! I hope this helps.
Experiment on some fondant or white paper to see if this the look you are going for. I have dusted solid color cakes with fondant with either pearl or silver luster dust, it usually lightens it. If the luster dust is dabbed first on a paper towel with a soft paint brush and lightly brushed on it will have a sort of a glittery sheen. I've also used a luster dust brush I bought on-line and I've used a brand new blush brush to apply on large areas to cover cakes. I really...
I just made a Baby Bump Cake last week for the very first time. It was for a Dr. Seuss theme baby shower. My book was "The Cat in the Hat", the Mommy-to-be wanted her cake with strips on the shirt. I must of stressed out on this design for weeks searching the internet for anything similar. This is what I made: Please be gentle, I still look at the...
You might want to brush a little piping gel on the back of the fondant swag and attach to top and bottoms of cakes. I usually take a gumpaste flowers and stick to the connecting ends to cover them. I hope this helps! Make sure your butter cream cake is chilled when attaching.
Great Job and Thank you!
I usually use a little piping gel on the back, it hold stuff on really well! I never use egg whites. I've read where other use a little water when it is a fondant cake or a little icing with BC cakes. I hope this help as well.
I hope this helps: Go to page 73 with picture instructions of this PDF from DecoPac. I've use this. Best Wishes!
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