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Thanks for posting! I live in Illinois and I so agree with them changing the new policies! Pam
Oh, you are sooo very welcome! Go explore and have fun!
Hey there, surf the web for cake purse Styrofoam dummies they sale them on cake supplies websites. Or simply carve out the shape you want using rectangle shape styrofoam from craft stores. Use the cut off pieces to sand the shape of your purse smooth. I done this before when I'm playing around with ideas. I hope this helps. Joann and Hobby Lobby have foam cutters also, a serrate knife works well too.
Hello tripleE, I just recently used Wilton sugar sheets cut out that were done with a cricut cake machine and by hand. The pieces were put on cream cheese butter cream frosting last week, in July, I used them on a cake with my regular butter cream frosting. It did fine. I'm not sure how you wish to use them. I just add the sugar sheets to frozen or chilled cakes with piping gel. In the past, I used a frosting sheet that I printed with an edible printer and place a banner...
Thank you NYRchick! I had to unlock my brain Friday from being so angry, I had to remember how to use it manually. I was blessed, it did work manually, but "Great Scott", it took a while and several runs to get the pieces just right for the cake. Here it is: some pieces were cut by hand. Again, thank you and thank you "Pink Cake Box" for the design, my niece sent me a picture of the cake, I Googled it and found out where it came from. Please send me what ever version of...
Hello to everyone with a Cricut Mini Cake Cutter! I know I'm out of the loop with this thing because tonight I caught on fire with frustration(hot flashes didn't help either) trying to use the thing. I could not get the drivers to down load nor could I use the Cricut Craft Room. It would not recognize the machine I have. I know this puppy is discontinued. Can I now go to SCAL. I can't buy any mats. I'm SORRY I BOUGHT THIS THING! Has anyone else had the same problem.?
You certainly can, I took one of the push pop containers to cut out the cake circles for my push pop, only I used a sheet cake. It will still work. If you feel the 9" layer is too thick, torte it or slice the layer in half side ways and go from there. I hope this makes sense. Best wishes! I hope this helps!
Try kneading in a little glycerine or corn syrup. I would add it to an experiment piece to see if it will work. I just added corn syrup this past weekend to some dark(black) and light (white MMF painted silver) fondant that I made that seemed rubbery and cracking. Add by teaspoons to small amounts of fondant or by the tablespoon for larger amounts,let rest in plastic for at least an hour or overnight, until you reach the consistency that is desired! I hope this helps.
Experiment on some fondant or white paper to see if this the look you are going for. I have dusted solid color cakes with fondant with either pearl or silver luster dust, it usually lightens it. If the luster dust is dabbed first on a paper towel with a soft paint brush and lightly brushed on it will have a sort of a glittery sheen. I've also used a luster dust brush I bought on-line and I've used a brand new blush brush to apply on large areas to cover cakes. I really...
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