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K8memphis thank you, that is a great idea too!
Do you think they have brackets spaced differently on different sheets of wood according to box sizes they typically use? I was so excited, I didn't even see the brackets LOL! I would still try this, my curiosity gets me in trouble! Thanks Magic Mouthfuls!
WOW! This is just some 3 or 4 planks of wood and a sheet of wood that is measured the width of the back seat to front seat. This is such a GREAT Idea! Thanks for sharing.
Royal icing can be used, but it is a pain to get it smooth on a Styrofoam dummies. I've read that you can use gumpaste in place of fondant. Even a mix of fondant with gumpaste might just hold up in the heat there. I play with my cake dummies to just to experiment new cake techniques or a design I have in mind. This info has been in other forums on here. Keep looking! I hope all turns out well.
I found this picture on the web. The bridge looks like Popsicle sticks or wooden or plastic strips were used to create this bridge between the two cakes. The topper is just sitting figurines. I hope this helps.
Are you talking about this type of cake? I made this for my sister in 1991. I like adding bridges to cakes. Just make sure your ornament that goes in the bridge part is light.
A possible solution may be to use small ball shape or the small Wilton Wonder Mold pan. Make the the other parts of the headphone with fondant or gum-paste. I hope this helps.
You are so very welcome! Thank you es329! Pam
Here is a picture of the cake:
Yes, a ribbon can be put on a whipped cream cake. Last Friday I made a wedding cake for Saturday using Rich's Bettercreme frosting and florist ribbon. Before I started, I used cake dummies the size of the cakes I was making for the wedding cake to measure the amt of ribbon I needed for each. I also added an additional 2 inches on the length of the ribbon for over lapping when I attach them together. The cakes and dummies were 1-6 inch and the other 1-10 inch. Next, I...
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