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Do you think a mini steamer would work? One of those $20.00 ones to lightly steam the fondant to soften it.
Sorry, you can use sharpened gum-paste cones on wire and skewer as well!
I hope this helps, take a stronger gauge wire that will hold your flowers or skewers. Make royal icing and pipe a mound on wax paper squares, stick the skewers in and turn the skewer or wire up-right with the mound on top in a Styrofoam square or cake dummy to dry for at least a 24 hr period. Clip the old wire off the back of the flower and glue the flowers to the dried RI mound on the skewer or wire with RI, for large flower, if possible, let it dry face down, if it is...
Wedding Cake Design Pro! It cost, but it is a drag and drop. Also you have to purchase the additional features. I've had this program since 2007. I love it. It is on the web, check it out.
Thank Costumeczar for sharing, I never thought about chocolates kisses! That is such a cool way to make flowers. I've made gumpaste cones on tooth picks before, some stay on after drying some fall off. What do you use to glue them on tooth picks that really works? I really think I will go back to using the gumpaste cones. Long ago, there was a post on the internet about making flowers using round suckers, the petals were made from bubble gum. I have yet to try that too!...
Has anyone ever done this before? I recently made 60 red gumpaste roses. I used Wilton plastic rose cones so that I could hot glue them to tooth picks so that the the roses could be inserted into a cake. I notice the centers of my roses had popped open and you could see the white cone every so slightly, but you could see it. Well, I rolled a piece of red gumpaste into a real skinny snake, chopped tiny pieces. I stuffed one piece into the center of the rose with the tool...
K8memphis thank you, that is a great idea too!
Do you think they have brackets spaced differently on different sheets of wood according to box sizes they typically use? I was so excited, I didn't even see the brackets LOL! I would still try this, my curiosity gets me in trouble! Thanks Magic Mouthfuls!
WOW! This is just some 3 or 4 planks of wood and a sheet of wood that is measured the width of the back seat to front seat. This is such a GREAT Idea! Thanks for sharing.
Royal icing can be used, but it is a pain to get it smooth on a Styrofoam dummies. I've read that you can use gumpaste in place of fondant. Even a mix of fondant with gumpaste might just hold up in the heat there. I play with my cake dummies to just to experiment new cake techniques or a design I have in mind. This info has been in other forums on here. Keep looking! I hope all turns out well.
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