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Never mind it is true about the new law, it was signed by the Governor 6-11-2014. I looked it up on the web, it is law, the food item must state it is baked in a home! WOW! There is a limit of $1,000.00 per month of items sold.
I'm live in Illinois too! I'm so confused as to what you can and can't do! I didn't see this on the news in the Chicago area! If you get more info please share! Thank you!
I promptly sent this out on my facebook yesterday. We need a change, Illinois is in bad shape financially! Thanks for posting!
I signed, thanks for posting!
Hello! I live south of Chicago! I 've been to the places mentioned. Cake Walk Chicago sells Cake Supplies and offers Cake Classes. I've been to Delicious Creations, but that's a expressway drive, so it is sort of far. I mainly buy on-line, or I go to Jo Ann Fabric, mainly I go to Hobby Lobby in Tinely Park, they now sale Satin Ice Fondant and have a new product line of cake supplies. I there last night looking at stuff. I recently found this place by accident, it is in...
Thanks for posting! I live in Illinois and I so agree with them changing the new policies! Pam
Oh, you are sooo very welcome! Go explore and have fun!
Hey there, surf the web for cake purse Styrofoam dummies they sale them on cake supplies websites. Or simply carve out the shape you want using rectangle shape styrofoam from craft stores. Use the cut off pieces to sand the shape of your purse smooth. I done this before when I'm playing around with ideas. I hope this helps. Joann and Hobby Lobby have foam cutters also, a serrate knife works well too.
Hello tripleE, I just recently used Wilton sugar sheets cut out that were done with a cricut cake machine and by hand. The pieces were put on cream cheese butter cream frosting last week, in July, I used them on a cake with my regular butter cream frosting. It did fine. I'm not sure how you wish to use them. I just add the sugar sheets to frozen or chilled cakes with piping gel. In the past, I used a frosting sheet that I printed with an edible printer and place a banner...
Thank you NYRchick! I had to unlock my brain Friday from being so angry, I had to remember how to use it manually. I was blessed, it did work manually, but "Great Scott", it took a while and several runs to get the pieces just right for the cake. Here it is: some pieces were cut by hand. Again, thank you and thank you "Pink Cake Box" for the design, my niece sent me a picture of the cake, I Googled it and found out where it came from. Please send me what ever version of...
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