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Thanks for the input. I did leave them out because I was cooling them and had to room in the fridge. My husband just informed me that the cakes were fine. Thankfully I layered the middle with lots of frosting, so it helped to moisten the bottom cakes that dried out. He said only one small roll was left of a two 12x18 sheet cake and people liked it. Thank God! Well, it was four cakes total, but stacked. I will definitely remember the syrup idea. I don't know why I...
I am so upset!!! I had left my cakes out to cool off for the day since I work, and placed wax paper on top with a dish towel...well, the cakes dried up! I could not make more cakes as the cake was needed for this morning and I did not catch it until late last night. So I stacked the fresh ones on top of the there any chance that they might moisten with the frosting? I have been crying because it is for my husband's new bridgde commander...what a way to...
Thank you for the response. That's what I was afraid of problem is time. I work during the day, so I have to bake and frost and decorate tonight. The ceremony is at 0830... Lesson learned.
I baked a cake last night and turned it over to cool without leveling the top figuring I'd do that once it has cooled. WRONG! After 30 minutes, went to check on it and it cracked into three pieces! Can it still be used as a bottom layer? I have to draw a design on top, so I am scared of doing that and having the cake fall apart. Help!
I did not see this cake...where can I find a picutre?
I love the bride! You did a wonderful job. The only thing I notice, and it could be the angle, it looks lopsided. Like she is leaning? But personally, I love it! Can't wait to see both together.
Bumping this up...maybe she's on vacation and is not checking email or phones. I do that sometimes.
I use only vegetable oil.
Was there a link posted or a tutorial posted already? I would love to learn too!Lisa
Thank you so much for the link...the cakes are gorgeous!!!
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