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These are my top two cakes. The first one is a cake I made for my foster daughters birthday. The second was for my daughter's 1st birthday.
The one I made in my pics I made with half gumpaste half fondant and let it dry for a couple days.
Thankyou for your reply. I really appreciate it!
I'm making a cake with a couple gumpaste flowers. The cake needs to be refridgerated. Can I put all the gumpaste pieces on it and still put it in the fridge? Thanks for the help!
Thankyou so very much again! I really didn't want to have to try to make it again. Thanks.
thankyou very much for the advice. I will wrap it tight then. Should I put it in the freezer though? Its a flat thin face that will lay on top of the cake and the nose and mustache stick out from the fact. It's only fondant too theres no gumpaste or anything mixed in. Thanks again.
So I'm making a birthday cake for my cousin whose turning 15. She wants an Albert Einstein cake. She wanted an albert Einstein face on the cake. So I make one out of fondant to go on the cake. Her mom calls me today and says the party date has changed and can I make the cake for next weekend instead of this weekend. My question now is can I somehow save this fondant face and still use it next weekend? Can it be frozen or something? Thankyou for your help. Sara
I'm not sure what kind of dog your wanting but if you look in my pictures there is a polka dotted puppy and instructions included on how to make it in the description. Hope that helps.
I also would like to know the answer to that.
We are leaving on vacation next week and my daughters birthday party is the weekend we get back. I would like to carve the cake and freeze it. Possibly even crumb coat it then freeze it. Is this ok to do? I would crumb coat it in buttercream. Would it be better to just carve the cake and crumb coat after thawing it? Thankyou for your advice and time. I greatly appreciate it.Sara
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